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Jobs created overseas as 10% nominal (20% real) DISemployment in the US is normalized

Congratulations, Barry! You're doing great:

But the jobs are going elsewhere. The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, says American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas this year, compared with less than 1 million in the U.S. The additional 1.4 million jobs would have lowered the U.S. unemployment rate to 8.9 percent, says Robert Scott, the institute's senior international economist.

Wow, 8.9%. Wouldn't that be great?

And look around you. It's not like there isn't work to be done. Roads, sewers, broadband, weatherizing. It's just that the financial class wants to invest their money -- which, after the bailouts, is our money -- outside this country. Plus, high DISemployment here means you've got thousands of people fighting for jobs as WalMart greeters. It's a win-win!

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is better than 9.8%.