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Jingoism means never having to say you're sorry

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Revolting defenses of torture from our mainstream media.

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Is in this excellent, video, a talk given by somebody who knows a shitload more about the topic than any of the gasbags who keep their paychecks coming by deliberately advocating the irresponsible and shocking to manufacture controversy. Controversy is good TV.

On the other hand, militaries are well aware that when you release "demonic" forces

"Never did Adolph Hitler prosecute his despicable politics of extermination with a more depraved resolve than during his invasion of the Soviet Union. His fevered hatred of Communism, Stalin, and the entire Slavic Untermensch further inflamed his demonic pursuit of Eastern Lebensraum for his proclaimed 1,000-year Aryan Reich. In this quest Hitler’s armies perpetrated some of the most monstrous atrocities in recorded human history. German military forces marching eastward toward Moscow deliberately destroyed one after another city and town and murdered uncounted thousands of defenseless civilians. The regular German forces were savage enough in their own right, but they were accompanied by the Nazi Einsatzgruppen (Special Forces) and the infamous SS, who were trained and ordered to depopulate the countryside through systematic mass murder (e.g., Babi Yar) and wholesale deportation of hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens to slave labor camps. Eyewitness reports of widespread Nazi atrocities spread quickly throughout the Soviet Union, adding steel to the Russian resolve and a burning thirst for vengeance.

The epic battle of Stalingrad (1) dealt the previously unstoppable Nazi juggernaut its first defeat and turned the direction of the war back toward Germany. As they advanced toward the German border, front-line Soviet troops were kept furious and rapacious by a constant stream of graphic, lurid propaganda depicting Nazi crimes against Russian lands and cities, murdered fathers, enslaved mothers, defiled sisters, and despoiled homes. The Russian propaganda scheme to exaggerate the already horrible Nazi crimes and the everywhere-visible results of the actual German depredations brewed a concoction that intoxicated the Russian army into a frenzy of spoliation, gang rape, murder, and martial sadism unprecedented even in the dreadful annals of Eurasian warfare.

There is no telling what you will get in return.

"From the moment the Germans invaded the ussr in June 1941, the enemies in the East were referred to as Untermenschen. It is this notion that Russians, Ukrainians, and others were subhuman that served as the underpinning or pretext for mass murder. "

"The sentiments were not limited to the frontoviki. Marshal Vasilevsky of the Third Belorussian Front said, “I don’t give a f—-. It is now time for our soldiers to issue their own justice.” Which they did, rather generously. In some cases, a daughter, mother, and grandmother were raped one after the other. Many were raped multiple times. Meanwhile, other family members were rendered helpless. As one mother was being raped, her 13-year-old son tried to get the Russian off her. The soldier simply turned, shot the boy, and continued his raping. Beevor notes that veterans today will “admit to hearing of a few excesses, and then dismiss the subject as an inevitable result of war.” Others are completely unrepentant. “Two million of our children were born [in Germany],” bragged one tank commander."

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Rather than killing them? War is worse for women, for that very reason. Not only are they abused, they are expected to bear the children of their abusers, adding long term pain to their abuse rather than getting it over with quickly as in death.

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pretty much the same thing.
see also the accusations in US and Brit propaganda against Saddam's forces.
see also the accusations against Japanese soldiers in the Philippines and China.
see also the janjaweed, this week in Darfur.