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Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter: ‘I have cancer’

I was an early supporter of Jimmy Carter and campaigned for him in the 1976 NH primary. I remain a huge fan. I don't dispute Joe Firestone's criticisms of him, Jimmy thought that being president was like being governor except with a foreign policy and a military. He did not understand fiat currencies.

Let me list all the reason I think he was a great president.

He was the ONLY president, and one of the few politicians to talk about the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, or even recognize that they HAVE legitimate rights.

Which brings me to the Camp David treaty, easily his greatest accomplishment. It is worth reading Keeping Faith just for the description of the Camp David negotiations.

The first energy policy of the US and creation of the department of energy. The only reason the US has a viable solar industry is the seed funding provided during the Carter years.

The passage of the Community reinvestment act.

Deregulation of Natural Gas, which put downward pressure on the price of oil.

Expansion of federal funding for community heath services, which was almost entirely eliminated by Reagan.

Creation of the Department of Education.

Establishment of Human Rights as an official part of US foreign policy. Carter intervened in many many cases of political prisoners. I have met many people who have told me that they owe their life to Jimmy's intervention.

Pardon of draft evaders who went abroad to avoid the Vietnam war. He took a HUGE hit for that one.

Passage of the Panama Canal Treaty in the teeth of fierce jingoistic opposition.

Rescue of Chrysler Corp.

He accomplished all these things and more in the teeth of opposition from a Democratic congress that was determined to destroy him.

I like all his books, but my favorites are:
A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis
Blood of Abraham

not by Jimmy Carter, but vital reading if you are to understand how our country ran off the rails:
October Surprise: America's Hostages in Iran & the Election of Ronald Reagan
Trick Or Treason

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Carter was a weak sister as president; he has been exemplary as an ex-president.
I wish him the best in this new chapter of his long life...

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Submitted by vastydeep on

Jimmy Carter became president at a time of immense transition: the "seven sisters" oil companies had ruled the world for nearly 100 years and in the '60s they controlled 85% of the world's oil reserves. Today they control just 10%.

Jimmy Carter may not have driven the transition, but with cardigan sweaters and solar panels on the White House he must have been seen as cheerleading it. We might live in a very different world if he'd won a second term; instead we got Reagan and put our drunken party on the credit card instead of cash.

Forget being President -- Carter was an officer in Admiral Hyman Rickover's first class of "nuclear navy." Just making that cut was all he ever needed to prove to me...

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Submitted by DCblogger on

welcome to Corrente vastydeep, you should stop by more often.

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Thanks, DC, for the link to Liberty Under Siege by Walter Karp. I will have to read the book. I had no idea that the Democrats in Congress were so much against Pres. Carter. No wonder Tip and Ronnie got on so well. I can see how a win by Bernie Sanders would get sabotaged.

He has been the most outstanding ex-President we have had, and remains sharp as a tack in recent interviews. I can only hope to have half as much on the ball at 90.

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to the extent that I think he was the best President after Lyndon Johnson, since it's been all downhill from there. To see this, think about where we'd be if succeeding Presidents had continued with his energy policies and environmental concerns. Much closer I think to having done something about climate change and being energy self-sufficient than we are today. This country and the world would be a lot different if Carter had won a second term.

Nor was he as unsuccessful with Congress as he seemed at the time. His success rate in getting legislation through Congress was somewhere in the mid-70 percentiles if I recall correctly. That said, his failures later on in his Administration were important ones and were due to his inflexibility in bargaining with Democratic Congressmen and Senators and were also due to his failure to understand real fiscal responsibility!