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Jimmie Dimon's JP Morgan Chase hits the wall

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Kinda surprised Lambert's not the first here with the story. JP Morgan Chase called a special after-hours press conference to reveal a few billion bucks in losses on some derivatives trades going against them. The guys at Zero-Hedge seem intent on pushing into full panic mode, with their usual hyperbole, but - who knows? What we do know is that the trillions of dollars wasted to save the financial system the past three and a half years has ensured that the big got bigger while they continue to fail, and that the derivatives markets are still going strong, without any connection to the reality of the economy inhabited by us untermenschen. Soooooo, we know that another shoe IS going to fall, somewhere, sometime. Maybe this is it.

Here is the news at Naked Capitalism.

Bloomberg is trying to keep the story out of its top headlines, but there are sidebar stories on how the markets are being roiled by intensifying rumors of JP Morgan's imminent implosion. Oh, dear, the poor markets!

If JP Morgan is going under, and if Obama is dumb enough to rescue it at this point in the election cycle, he won't have a icicle's chances in hell of being reelected. The public backlash will be fierce.

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Submitted by lambert on

That's Demon!

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I guess I thought it was just another $2 billion or so, though gawd knows what trickeration is underneath it all.

Good to see you here, though -- I was thinking about you just today. What would Veblen say about this latest turn of events?

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$2B loss, which is a drop in the JPMorgan-Chase bucket and easily covered.

Then I'm wondering if there aren't other shoes --or shoe stores, even shoe warehouses-- about to drop. Or close to dropping.

This is a question of why did the after closing bell dog bark, especially a dog that could probably have been left sleeping, with only insiders needing to know.

Or, was there so much buzz on the Street that Dimon had to out his little problem?

Dimon is certainly getting a whole lot of attention for this.

Submitted by lambert on

And I don't know. I'm wondering if whatever disaster was in store has been averted, so only now are they going public, having buried the bodies....