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Jill Stein in Time Magazine

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Very decent write up. I am pleasantly surprised.

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And the usual person who brings up SCOTUS as an excuse for voting for Obama rather than Stein. Right. Kagan is such a liberal. Right. any Democrat filibuster Alito or Roberts? Didn't everybody vote for Scalia? Please.

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Stein and Honkala are trying to occupy a space left by voters, particularly left-leaners, who are fed up with Obama and uninterested in Romney. They expect to be an alternative option on the ballot in 40 states. And they said they bring a different kind of politics to the table, though it doesn’t appear to be a less divisive brand. When TIME asked where they shared common ground with the other candidates—despite their differences—neither had a response. Stein laughed, incredulous. Honkala said: “Do we?”

Gee, I hope not. The stenographer's bias was pretty obvious.

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Also, some Greens are going after disenfranchised and non-voters. Some are specifically avoiding "left-leaning voters" altogether.

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Contained in the links post for the day:

May I, from the outside, suggest American democracy is not broken. That which is broken is the preception of Americans to their democracy.

I understand there will be more than two choices on the ballot when Americans go to vote – I believe the name of Jill Stein will be there, offering something very different to the Tweedle-Dum or Tweedle-Dee choice I so often read of in this and other sites as the only one. I understand there will be other names, too, offering other choices.

In what way isn’t that democracy?

Here in New Zealand the Green Party first stood for Parliament in 1990 when I and 6.85% of the voters voted for it. We all knew they would be ‘wasted’ votes in that the Greens had no chance of winning any seats. Even worse, given that most voters for the Greens come from the Left, we knew we were weakening the chances of a left-wing Government being elected. In fact the left lost.

It was the same in 1993 and again the left lost, but with more people now voting against the ‘winner’ than for it the falacy of first-past-the-post became too obvious and New Zealand chose a ‘more democratic’ system of proportional representation which has now given the Greens, and other small parties such as the Maori Party representing ‘indigenous’ peoples, a voice in Government, and potential power-broking opportunities.

If you don’t believe Obama or Romney represents your politics, vote for who you believe does – or the closed to it – and support them. It might look like a ‘wasted vote’, but if enough people do it this time, more will next time, and more the time after that until the mould is broken.

That, my American friends, is democracy. But it needs a long-term view, and Americans have never been good at that. It also means a committment to stand with a loser, and Americans have never been good at that, either

Just keep standing with the loser. They won't lose forever.

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Of course, this is but one droplet in the roaring river of media coverage. Oh, wait...

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Then again, that could be a good thing....

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It looks like no one else on the internet is going to do it, so I guess it's up to me to save the world!

FWIW, Stein today said to us that she's never seen so much media coverage. Normally, she couldn't beg them to do an interview, but she's been innundated the last few days.

Maybe the media was inspired by reading the coverage on corrente?

haw. Maybe not...