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Jill Stein in Telluride, Colorado

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Do we have any Correntians who live near Telluride, Colorado?

Jill Stein to visit Norwood, Telluride

The San Miguel Greens, a local chapter of the Colorado Green Party, will this week host Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein in virtual viewings and public live discussions in Norwood and Telluride.

The event is today at 12 noon, at the Wilkinson Library in Telluride.

Colorado Green Party Blog

I strongly recommend that all emergent party organizations have web sites. Even if your web site is only a Wordpress blog that gets updated once a week, web sites are essential for emergent parties. You won't get any press to speak of, so your party web site offers you and your candidates your only online visibility. Given how many voters use the Internet to research candidates, online visibility is crucial. Facebook pages do NOT have anything like the necessary search engine visibility of a web site or a blog, so you need the web site. A Twitter feed that is updated at least once a day is also very useful.

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