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Jill Stein in Salon

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What are voters missing out on?

Americans deserve to hear about the free trade agreements that are truly responsible for are high unemployment rates, and continued offshoring of jobs and undermining of our wages; about the generation of students who are locked into debt, and in fact that Washington is now bailing out, via the Fed, the banks for the fourth time, effectively; about Medicare-for-all, which is the only way that we get to a true health care for everyone as a human right, which also happens to save us trillions over the next decade. It can save us as much in fact as the austerity package in the Budget Control Act of 2011. So you know there are real solutions that can actually solve our problems that will not be mentioned in this fake debate.

She is getting a lot of press.

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Getting "a lot of press" would be equal time on the corporate propaganda networks.