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Jill Stein Falls Just Short of Public Financing

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For those who contributed here-many thanks. We did our job, raising something like $75,000 in the last three days going over the $125,000 threshold. Unfortunately, (if I understand correctly) Stein's shoestring organization was unable to handle the last minute onslaught of donations and missed the deadline for filing them with the state.

So Stein won't have matching funds and won't be able to compete with the barrage of lies and distortions already emanating from the legacy party candidates.

Heartbreakingly close, reminiscent of Matt Gonzalez's near victory in San Francisco a few years back. Had Gonzalez won we would have had a Green big city mayor and one who was committed to building the Greens from a network of local party satellites.

Stein still probably wouldn't have won, but the money would have put her in a position to raise lots of trouble while raising the profile of third party efforts.

Again, thanks to those who contributed.

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