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Jill Stein actually gets some press coverage in the Chicago Sun Times

Mirabile dictu:

Two of the things [Jill Stein] will be talking about while she is here are her party's "Green New Deal" and the need to stop being spooked by the results of the 2000 vote in Florida, when Ralph Nader was seen as drawing enough votes from Al Gore to deny Gore a clearcut win in that state -- and an Electoral College win in the national race.

On "ZOMG!!!!! Nader!!!!!:

"At the end of the day it is important to point out that this silencing of the public interest, the disappearing of our voices, has not been an effective strategy," said Stein, who earlier this month earned enough delegates to assure her nomination (the second-place candidate is Roseanne Barr). "The politics of fear has brought us everything we were afraid of."

Nice frame. On policy:

Among the things it brought are wars, more global warming, the loss of good jobs and attacks on civil liberties, she said.

As for the "Green New Deal," it would include such things as forgiving student loans; free higher education; Medicare for everyone; a right to a job at a living wage; medical marijuana legalization; restructuring mortgages to affordable levels, and a foreign policy based on international rights, not militarism.

Stein's short-term goal is to get into the major debates with Obama and Romney, which requires gaining support of at least 15 percent in public opinion polls.

"People have hit the breaking point," she said. "We can use this election to turn the breaking point into a tipping point."

Let's hope.

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