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Jesus vs. Obama

In his book, People of the Lie, Scott Peck maintains that the best way for us human beings to fight evil in our world is “to keep a gentle place of shelter for Jesus in our hearts.”

Jesus promoted love. Peace. Empathy. Good faith.

I resent when the pro-war corporate media labels us American citizens “war-weary.” As if we are and were okay with war but since there have been so many only NOW are we reluctant to have our country go to war.

I, for one, wasn’t okay with the First Gulf War let alone this latest Syrian one -- which already commenced two years ago covertly with our CIA fortifying the primarily foreign, jihadist and even al-Qaeda linked (the strongest, most effective militias) forces.

Syria is already a bloodbath. The Obama administration Orwellianly now wants to add OVERT bombing in the name of humanitarianism. (Using the Libyan playbook, pretense of a “responsibility to protect.”) According to Obama and the rest of the abundantly financially endowed war-mongering ruling class elite us US citizens unfortunately have lost our stomachs for war (as well as most of our tax dollars).

The will to wage or not wage war has more to do with the heart and brain or the lack of functioning ones than the stomach, I’m thinking -- as well as "feeling.”

As for the Russian foreign minister’s attempt to introduce diplomacy and negotiation to stem a U.S. Syrian strike, the Obama administration is clearly not about to negotiate with Putin, Assad and the UN clearly with any degree of “good faith”. Their gamesmanship, the corporate propaganda media is making no secret of, is that hopefully Assad will renege or screw up and there will be an opportunity to resume the vile “humanitarian intervention” game. Kerry’s imaging of Assad’s chemical stockpiles inventoried and removed was sarcastically not sincerely offered up.

The US will provide the necessary overt “kabuki” to the diplomacy process (begrudgingly because of overwhelming opposition to this war from the American and, bless them, British peoples) even with a strong degree of repetitious rhetorical surliness already indicated by both Obama and Kerry, grumbling at every opportunity that the threat of force is not off that damn bloody and dirty table. I’m guessing that particular repeated chorus is an attempt to appease the chronically unappeasable Netanyahu and his AIPAC minions and their rage that the timetable of destroying Syria and then Hezbollah and Iran has been delayed.

From the heart of hearts of Obama and his administration and too many members of Congress do you really believe “good faith” and diplomatic openness will seriously be offered and available? That there is any capacity to embrace a “win/win” scenario for the sake of the survival of humanity in Syria, the Middle East and beyond? Raise your hand if you believe that. Raise your hand if you believe Obama cares more about and is more committed to humanity in Syria than about the “regime change” of Assad for the sake of hegemony and the “might makes right” gangster modus operandi of the US and its opportunistic and/or intimidated international cronies.

I’ll sell you a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn if you do.

The Obama administration since the get-go has enabled economic terrorism in America and military terrorism worldwide. The Obama administration, the US governance, is not about empathy and humanity. Neither was the Bush administration.

But now we have to deal with -- suffer with and fight -- the Obama administration.

The symptoms that things are staggeringly and desperately wrong are abundant with the US domestically and linked to the US internationally. Staggering unemployment and poverty statistics. Staggering sexual assault and suicide statistics among our troops. Staggering death and refugee statistics globally especially now in Syria. The staggering suffering and injustice of Guantanamo detainees continue. A staggering degree of illegitimate mass surveillance domestically and globally exists. Staggering numbers of occurrences of violence continue on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. The staggering number of US drone deaths. The staggering environmental devastation ongoing. The staggering degree of militarization within our police system. I could go on.

I turned off Chris Hayes’ show one night last week, the only MSNBC show I had been able (past tense) to endure. I discovered he and his guests were mocking Putin’s recent editorial in The New York Times. More propaganda apologism for a dangerous, incompetent and lawless Obama and the ruthless militarism he is promoting and perpetrating.

I read Putin’s editorial and appreciated it.

Yes, I see the irony of a former head of the KGB reminding the US President and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize about peace, international law and God. Thank God someone is talking about these profound and sacred issues. I am grateful also to Putin for affording Edward Snowden sanctuary among all the vast number of countries that would not and could not, too intimidated economically and/or militarily of the US to “do the right thing”.

Apparently it was Putin’s editorial that made Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) “sick to his stomach”. Menendez is head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Not much “good faith” openness to diplomacy there, I’m thinking -- and feeling!

I watched Obama, especially Obama’s eyes, on his last Tuesday’s address to the nation about postponing an appeal to Congress to endorse his intention of launching a strike on Syria. Obama seemed impatient about enduring a clearly unwelcome diplomatic detour. His eyes were dark, angry, cold.

Obama talked about international “norms” in terms of the chemical attack, the source still not established but according to Obama there is no doubt it was the Assad regime. Obama won’t and can’t talk about international “law” since he doesn’t honor it. Obama’s righteous indignation is hypocritical about the chemical attack and about the probable source of that attack -- the "rebels". The "rebels", though it never made corporate media high focus, have previously used and had confiscated chemical weapons.

US military history, old and recent, brims with war crimes, many involving the use or enabling of deadly chemical weapons including depleted uranium, white phosphorous, napalm, Agent Orange. Israel’s recent history, as well, includes such war crimes. White phosphorous was used on Gazans at the end of 2008.

Obama pushed once again for non-critical, average American good will and gullibility. For average Americans to put personality over principle, to embrace “jingoistic American exceptionalism”, to become willing accessories, as it were, to more US mass murder and war crimes.

Recently the Egyptian coup-generating army gunned down hundreds and hundreds of unarmed Egyptian citizen protesters. The action was “tched, tched” by international leaders, including Obama, but where was the serious assertion of a moral responsibility to protect them?

Jesus didn’t cherry-pick when to protest evil and when to let it ride. Jesus did not “ends justifies the means” perpetrate evil, either.

Unlike Obama.

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"Obama won’t and can’t talk about international “law” since he doesn’t honor it"

This is absolutely true, but never forget as well that Syria has never signed any treaty outlawing chemical weapons. There is no legal justification for punishing Assad.