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Jesus Christ, HuffPo!

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Usually, I like to wait until I'm finished with Christmas dinner to puke, but John Ridley put me on the morning shift.

Huckabee runs a Christmas-themed ad. The liberals see a floating cross, and believe that alone make the man unfit to be president. Instead, I think that makes some on the far left too paranoid to trust with a vote....

What's particularly galling is the left's selective prosecution of religiosity....

If the far left were smart, instead of continuing to make religion a wedge issue, they would -- as Obama has smartly tried to do -- take religion off the table by displaying their faith.

My bucket runneth over.

If I had more time, I'd kick this piece-of-shit posting apart brick by brick, but instead I'll go back to enjoying the holiday in my own secular way, and I bestow the link as my gift to anyone who wanted — but didn't get — Ipecac under the tree.


Not sure if it will be approved by Arianna's mods, but here's what I huffposted as a comment:

Good God, man, what an offensive post!

Since you're the self-appointed expert on both Jimmy Carter and progressives' concerns about the separation of church and state, might I recommend reading Carter's book "Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis"? In it, the evangelical ex-president articulates the same concerns as us too-paranoid-to-be-allowed-to-vote atheists.

Obama's abuse of the faith card -- -- raises serious questions about his character and judgment.

To the detriment of the party and Jefferson's "wall," Obama constantly conflates religion with "values" and "morals," and like you, he plumps up rightwing strawmen about the left, including the secular left, which despite your bigotry has every right to a voice in America, and which in my experience encompasses a lot of fine, admirable, and eminently reasonable people who (like Jimmy Carter) just happen not to think America should keep lurching toward theocracy.

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Denying that the Founders' goal was prevention of a State Religion, which is EXACTLY what the Religious Right TM lusts after, is disingenuous.

For Ridley to shill for the Dobsonite faction in this fashion is not merely disingenuous but divisively and definitively dishonest. Ridley claims Carter was the first "born-again" President -- and yet, how does Ridley know? Carter certainly made no secret of his faith; and nor did Johnson his, nor Kennedy, nor Ike, before him.

The Dobsonite faction, by the way, is responsible for the "return to fundamental" (and backwards) "Bible-based" and "literal inerrant" claims that drove James Earl Carter Jr. to sever his relationship to the Southern Baptist Convention, when they brought out "graceful submission" to the "servant leadership" of husbands as women's proper place and declared the nuclear family the "basis of civilization," denouncing abortion and homosexuality. The rigidity of this creed, which is no different than the foundation of fundamentalist Islamism, is so divisive and exclusionary that it appears to wipe out the New Testament almost altogether.

It is fundamentally wrong to demand that a woman abase herself before a man in order to receive secondhand access to God's love, grace, peace, healing and wisdom. It is fundamentally wrong to say that God creates all things and all people, and then deny that some people are God's children because those people choose not to bear as many children as possible despite any ability to care for those children after birth, or because those people love people with whom they cannot procreate as lifemates. None of these teachings are Christ's; all of these teachings are men's teachings.

Not love commands such behavior, but ego.

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Ridley is obviously hypnotized and In Love with Upchuckabees's beeyootiful Margaret Keane li'l child's eyes. So fucki*g sincere, how could he not fall?

Someone should send him the latest Red State Update clip as an antidote.

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It's actually an interesting discussion.

And no, I wasn't aware of Obama's hucksterish approach to religion. Ick.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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I posted this over yonder Huffington Post way:

Tortured logic for torturous times. Many free thinkers embrace the teachings of Jesus without swallowing all the dog and pony show antics. The rich undercurrents that inform the stories of dying and resurrected deities strike chords that bring forth our different music & sensibilities, our multivarious expressions of the ineffable. Just as Christians have historically dismissed the so-called pagan traditions that they ultimately absorbed as their own (from the Mithraic and Dionysian, to name two examples) so too is reason dismissed in the slippery cant of this post. I will say this: for the descendants of slaves to willingly put on the chains of spiritual obeisance and to not address the foundations of their own belief system is far more ironic than the bogeyman liberal who sees the cross exactly where it is displayed. The African-American Baptist builds his or her spiritual prison brick by brick every single day of the week, and calls it good. What is under the floor of your belief but a crypt for your dead gods?

From Joseph Campbell: "Having your image of God--the most intimate, hidden mystery of your life--defined for you in terms contrived by some Council of Bishops back, say, in the fifth century or so: what good is that?"

I will take the author at his word that he sees what he sees. I just don't think that he sees very much.