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Jesse Jackson Stands up for OWS

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Last night around midnight, the NYPD tried to raid the medical tent at Zuccotti Park. Tents are not permitted in the park, but the occupiers put it up to keep the medicine (and patients) dry.

Well, the tent is still standing, thanks to Jesse. Here's the (moving) report--with great pix-- from

A little after 11:25PM, there was a big commotion on the south side of Zuccotti Park as someone mic checked that the NYPD was moving into to remove the “medical tent” (tents are a violation of the park’s rules.). Occupy Wall Street protesters immediately locked arms and vowed to protect it. Out of nowhere, civil rights activist Jesse Jackson swooped in and briefly spoke face to face with the NYPD as officers continued to amass on Cedar Street.

ED NOTE: Love it that "Mic Checked" is now a verb!

A demonstrator asked him to join the “human barricade” to which he immediately agreed. She took his hand and led him over to the tent, which he then proceeded to guard, locking arms with others who formed a circle around it.

Major props. No hesitation about stepping up to the plate. Of course, Jackson is an old hand at NV protest.

After a few tense minutes, the police dispersed and the crowd cheered. The tent will not be removed tonight.


(MORE reports on Jesse's OWS stand from New York mag, Gothamist and Gawker

And Salon reports on Jackson from Washington, where he greeted Cornel West as he came out of a night in jail. West got arrested during an Occupy protest on the steps of the Supreme Court.

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It's fricking brilliant. I've been to Zuccotti twice and mic check never fails to amaze me. It commands instant attention. Everyone stops to listen. At GAs, the mic check and hand signals prevents the audience from disrupting the meeting with too much noise.
Whoever invented mic check deserves a Nobel.