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Jeebus, the Vatican bought condos in the same building as Europe's largest bath house?

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but one hardly knows what to say:

The historic palazzo is the headquarters of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, which was founded in 1622 and is responsible for missionary activities. The building provides accommodation for about 15 priests.

But the imposing stone mansion also contains the Europa Multiclub Sauna and Gym, which claims on its website that it is "the number one gay sauna in Italy"

How conv-e-e-n-n-i-e-n-t. The whole "Upstairs, Downstairs" thing. But it gets better:

The Vatican paid a hugely inflated price for around 20 apartments in the building when it was acquired in 2008, La Repubblica newspaper claimed in a front page report on Monday.

The apartments were bought for nine million euros on May 30 2008 by a property company which later that day sold them to the Vatican for 20 million euros, making an instant profit of 11 million euros, the daily claimed

Lovely. Personally, I don't care what the priests do, or don't do, in the saunas. (It would be really nice if the Vatican stopped insisting that gay people go to hell, while child molesters go to another parish, but that's a post for another time.)

But the corruption? Do tell. What was the 11 million Euros for? Just a favor for a friend? Silence, and if so, about what? Something worse?

File under: Just another patriarchal system collapsing under the weight of its own viciousness and brutality. It would be nice if the banksters were next (granted, partriarchy isn't the only issue there, but it's certainly one of the issues), but I think the banksters have a ways to go.

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Great story; astonishing amount of euros involved; the stakes must have been very high. But if the stakes are the same as what the Butler leaked, then the Vatican must be feeling pretty ripped off!

Meanwhile, unsavory ties between America and the Vatican surface in La Repubblica. Below, a brief report (I couldn't find a version of the article in English and google-translator produces word salads).

Roger Mahoney, ex-archbishop of the Los Angeles diocese is currently busy in the conclave to pick a successor to Benedict XVI. protector of pedophiles. Which seems appropriate because Mahoney protected one of his priests, Michael Baker. In 1998 Baker admitted to Mahoney that he molested two brothers for seven (7) years, following which Mahoney sent him for "treatment" and then allowed him to return to his parish where he, Baker, promptly resumed his molestation of young boys.

Just today, the Los Angeles Archdiocese announced that it is settling for $9.9 million four claims a Los Angeles priest sexually abused young boys and was then protected and kept in the zone of danger by his "boss," the Arch Bishop.

Apparently the priest is Baker and the Arch Bishop is Mahoney. To be fair, the conclave is looking for a successor to a man who protected pedophiles.

This isn't funny at all.

Another aspect of this story is interesting -- the settlement is being drafted so that the LA Archdiocese is neither admitting, nor denying, any misconduct. Just like the banks and the SEC. Isn't that something?