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I still glance through FDL to see what topics are being covered. I found this promoted diary by Rohan Jayasekera on the My FDL page. Jayasekera is one of these David Horowitz types who started out on the left as an opponent of censorship but then involuted into his own opposite. In his diary, he basically recycles an Administration argument that Wikileaks has put lives at risk. Whose? Well according to Jaysekera mouthing an argument fed him by a US diplomat, those of human rights activists in repressive countries who talk to US consular officials.

The problem with this kind of argument is that it ignores the human rights record of the US under George Bush and now Obama: The wars, Guantanamo, Bagram, Abu Ghraib, black sites, Bradley Manning. It ignores that Wikileaks offered to work with the State Department and redact names State suggested. Jayasekera states but does seem to take to heart his own admission, as in the case of Tsvangirai, that in most repressive countries the government keeps close tabs on its dissidents and doesn't need Wikileaks' material to go after them. He ends by making what sounds like a modest proposal, to run the cables by an expert committee, as in one that would have him as a member.

But again this ignores that Wikileaks has already farmed out this function to the major print dailies to which it has distributed the cables. So far it has only been releasing the cables they release. Nor does he get into how his own expert committee would work and how it would maintain its security. And of course to date, the release of the names of human rights activists has not arisen as a problem.

What all this seems to be to me is Jayasekera spinning or being spun to repeat a criticism against Wikileaks about something that has not really been a problem, that is Wikileaks is putting lives at risk

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the human rights of the King of Saudi Arabia to confidentially encourage us to attack Iran. /s

If one needs to work for humans rights in secret... then they are not doing it correctly.