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Jason Rosenbaum got work!

Oh ha ha ha, he's shilling for DSCC as their Director of Online Communications. Read the full post for the script (you can imagine) but the commenter's response is gold:

When the Obama campaign asked us to host a dinner party and TV watching event for the SOTU, I wrote back that if they could fly Bradley Manning out to Wasilla as special guest, I’d raise $250K. Never heard back ….

NOTE Hat tip, Valley Girl. For those who came in late, Jason Rosenbaum played a pivotal role in FDL's media blackout of single payer stories, while also shillling for [a|the] [robust?] public [option|plan] on behalf of HCAN, an affiliation he did not disclose until forced to do so by single payer advocates. So I'm glad to see he's landed on his knees.


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on media matters? These people just go from one place to the next. It's all about the next job. This is why we should all read Sam Smith on "The Issue That's Killing the Democrats"."The Issue That's Killing the Democrats"

Concentrate on local community issues and organizations.

His essay from a year ago deserves more attention. I wrote one blog post on his advocating "devolution", but should write another. Humans were meant to live and cooperate in small groups. Democrats like Rosembaum love big government so as to move from lobby firm to lobby firm. They just won't admit that is the reason. If you really want to help the 99%, you should challenge the Washington establishment.

Sam's right. The Dept of Housing and Urban Development? We really need this? And why can't most education issues be handled locally? Some things should be handled federally like civil rights and disasters. But there's a whole lot of D.C. bureaucrats that should get the heave ho.

Oops, there I go and I don't have time right now to do Sam's essay justice.

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What a great commentary you composed.

It made me LOL.

Yeah, people who weren't "there" probably will be confused. I was there, and I am not confused.