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Japan's PM Confirms TPP => "unrestricted immigration"

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The TPP should be fought on all fronts, but due to the well known partiality of Republican lawmakers for TPP (as compared to Democrats), an intelligent strategy to destroy the prospects for TPP should target Republican constituencies with messages that resonate with them.

According to Ralph Nader, conservative voters resonate most strongly with the sovereignty-attacking aspects of TPP. Even if that's so, another huge, and potentially rebellion-inspiring aspect of TPP for conservative voters is that it promises the "free flow of labor", similarly to what occurs within the EU. And that means, effectively, "unrestricted immigration", to use Dick Morris' terminology, who broke this aspect of TPP in an interview, seen here.

Solid, verifiable details re TPP are hard to come by, due to its text being classified, and some people might not believe Dick Morris. (See, e.g., my video poll in Belmar, NJ, wherein I got into a discussion with a few of the passer-by's.: Why I’m Sure the Pew Research Poll re: TPP Approval in the US is a Fraudulent POS).

Ah, but now we have another confirmation from no less a source (who doubtless has full access to the TPP text) than Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (h/t to

Unfortunately, I expect anti-TPP "activists" to pass by the golden opportunity presented by Abe's blabbing. Like most American activists, across the political spectrum, when it comes to fighting the plutocracy, their efforts are laughable (in the views of their opponents). I wrote a series of diaries which shared the partial title "The Plutocrats are Laughing at You", mostly at myFDL, but myFDL has been shut down for a while, now. A copy of one such diary is cross posted here at correntewire. See Fatal(?) Defects in (TPP = Economic Treason) - 'The Plutocrats are Laughing at You', #4

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Black Agenda Report, which is often more insightful than the flagship lefty websites, has come out against TPP, saying

If concluded, the TPP will continue the process of concentrating economic power in the hands of U.S. based transnational corporations and financial institutions. And while the 1% who have no allegiance to any national territory or state will grow richer, the agreement will pit workers in the U.S. – especially Black and Brown workers – into cut-throat competition with exploited workers, this time in Asia, who will be paid slave wages to produce for the U.S. and European markets.

“Our history and principles demand that we must stand in opposition.”
That is why for African Americans, as the group that objectively has suffered more than any other group domestically as a result of the turn toward neoliberal globalization in the 1970s and the economic crisis in 2008, should reject all neoliberal proposals, be it in the form of Obama’s phony urban “promise zones” to trade agreements. Opposition to neoliberal trade agreements, like broad opposition to neoliberal capitalism in general must be embraced as fundamental for our resistance movement and survival as a people.

Unfortunately, even they seem to have completely missed the massive insourcing threat. Higher paid workers are, in a sense, a more tempting target because you can save more $$ /employee by dumping your highly paid American, and bringing in a foreigner at 30 cents on the dollar.

However, it's typically going to be EASIER to dump a worker from the lower wage scales. They typically do not have jobs that require years of training and/or college education.

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From Real Clear Politics:

The TPP, generally supported by pro-free trade Republicans but opposed by labor union Democrats, contains a barely noticed provision that allows for the free migration of labor among the signatory nations. Patterned after similar provisions in the treaties establishing the European Union, it would override national immigration restrictions in the name of facilitating free flow of labor.

Of course, Dick Morris is a horrible human being....

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One idea I had, to make the meme go viral, is to create a new company whose business model will be to facilitate the massive insourcing that TPP will bring about. They could then run ads to staff the new company, explaining how there's going to be a brisk market in displacing Americans from their jobs. To make sure that the ads are sufficiently agitating, they could emphasize the fact that the Americans being displaced are "greedy and spoiled". Including the dishwashers who may actually make less than the minimum legal wage. Why should you, as a consumer, have to pay higher prices to eat out, when your favorite restaurant will be able to start paying their dishwashers $2.50 / hr, and their cooks $3.50 / hr? (In the restaurant that I work, those jobs are done by immigrants, including a couple of economic refugees from Greece. Most are Hispanic. It probably takes a few weeks to train a cook, but a dishwasher can be trained in his/her dishwashing tasks in minutes.)

Even at the lowest wage scales, I don't think anybody's job will not be in jeopardy.

My initial thought was to do the corporation completely as a bluff. However, word may get out, and ruin the effect. My latest thinking is that the new corporation will be set up as a benefit corporation, and most profits could be directed back to the community.

Another thought is to create entity as a non-profit, thus allowing for all profits to be donated back to the public.

Of course, it's to be hoped that TPP blows up, and this enterprise, in whatever legal form, becomes irrelevant.

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One way to start down this path (I think), without even having to form an LLC, is to create a KickStarter (or other crowd-funding) project, whose purpose will somehow be related. I don't think you can fund a startup via KickStarter, but you probably crow-fund a documentary about anticipated massive layoffs due to insourcing, e.g..

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Spread it on Facebook and Twitter as a message directed to rightwing nutjobs, but "confusing" them for Obama supporters.

"Yeah, if your friend Obama is such a protector of the border, why is he supporting the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, which the Japanese Prime Minister says is going to open up the "free flow of people". And to think that there are Republican Congressmen supporting him on this policy!!!! {YoutubeClip}

"No, I HATE Obama!"

"Yeah, really? So, what are you doing to spread the word about his open-borders "TPP" policy and the Republican Congressmen supporting it?"