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Japanese government censors nuclear power coverage on NHK (Japan's public radio)


[Toru Nakakita, a] longtime commentator for the network [NHK] angrily announced that he had resigned after being ordered not to criticize nuclear power ahead of a crucial election, unleashing new criticism. Toru Nakakita, said the show on which he had appeared regularly for 20 years had told him not to say anything critical about nuclear power. An NHK spokesman said the demand was made to ensure balanced coverage during the coming election for Tokyo governor, in which nuclear power is an issue...

The broadcaster has also faced widespread distrust for coverage of the 2011 Fukushima accident that some say complied with government efforts to hide the extent of radiation releases.

And last year, Jun Hori, a popular NHK television news announcer, quit after superiors questioned him for more than six hours about a documentary he had made describing nuclear accidents at Fukushima and in the United States. It is expected to be shown this month at a small theater in Tokyo.

I can't imagine why the Japanese government would be doing this.

Move along people, move along. There's no story here.

NOTE Though it would be pretty funny if the 2020 Tokyo Olympians started turning into white mush, like those starfish off the California coast. Six years is plenty of time for the Fukashima cores to hit groundwater, after all.

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