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Japan wants to turn the moon into a mirrorball??

Polluting Japan and the Pacific with radiation wasn't enough, now Japanese engineers want to trash up the moon:

How the Japanese plan to turn the moon into a mirrorball
It sounds like something out of science fiction - a huge swathe of the moon covered with solar panels to beam captured energy back to Earth. But plans to turn the moon into a gigantic mirrorball manned by robots to provide all the Earth's energy came a step closer to reality today when they were unveiled by Japanese scientists. The ambitious project would result in 13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy being transmitted back to receiving stations on Earth, either by laser or microwave. The plans were unveiled by Japanese construction giant Shimizu Corporation's research division, and would result in a 6,800 mile-long band stretching around the light side of the moon's equator. (Daily Mail)

Is there something about running a mammoth company that makes people think they own the solar system? Something about peak oil/energy issues that makes a country think it gets to decide the future of life for everyone on the planet?

Not only did I not get any vote on whether or not to allow Tepco and Japan to pollute my drinking water and milk with radiation for their "cheap" energy independence (which they did), now there is this crazed proposal to pollute the moon with a monster construction project.
No, thank you very much, the moon doesn't belong to Japan, or any country, and humans need to learn this before we destroy everything we have left. I don't want to go outside and stare up at human hubris obliterating the moon, I don't care how much money it would make for any number of construction companies. Besides the hilarity of anyone on earth trusting Japan's reliability, honesty, or technical abilities now.
As Tepco tiptoe past the meltdowns at Fukushima, you'd think this project would have gone in the bin instead of being trumpeted as doable.

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Besides the hilarity of anyone on earth trusting Japan's reliability, honesty, or technical abilities now.


The six reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, which had explosions on Saturday and Monday, are all GE-designed boiling-water reactors, known in the industry as BWRs. Five have containment systems of GE's Mark I design, and the sixth is of the Mark II type. They were placed in operation between 1971 and 1979.

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It's a daft idea, of course. There must be dozens of reasons it would be less expensive and risky to collect solar power right here on Earth. Not sure I like the idea of gazillion-watt lasers aimed at my planet, either. Still, I have to admire the audacity of it.

It used to be that America came up with ideas like this. Not anymore. The Japanese were the ones who decided to make suspension bridges way bigger than anyone else. They built an airport on an artificial island in a bay. They were the ones who decided they'd make a train that would travel at 150 MPH. They decided "Hey, we're doing this", and they figured out how. Nowadays, we're the ones who snicker and say other people are crazy when they dream big.

I liked us better before.