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Jane rulez


I do think it's worth repeating however, in case any of you don't know this, Jane Hamsher was the one who got this ball rolling when she asked Dodd, out of the blue, on the radio if he'd filibuster the bill if it didn't have immunity. When Dodd said yes there was a palpable feeling of excitement at the possibilities.

However, as a C-lister--and Fuck, I'm proud to be--let me note that it also took, say, 10,000 blogs and 500,000 people calling to get the ball over the finish line, after Jane started it rolling (if I haven't mixed my metaphors here).

The strength of the blogosphere--and I don't consider any site without a comment section a blog, meaning that the blogosphere is almost entirely progressive--is exactly that it is not a top down megaphone, but a dense and extremely redundant network of loosely coupled nodes. We trade off a total coherence of message for the ability to improvise quickly, and propagate content rapidly tailored to the requirements of individual nodes.

As CD would say... Cigarette?

NOTE Which is why Net Neutrality is life or death to us; if the corporations take over and WaPo or even Kos loads twice as fast as we do, who's going to read us? Nobody. I'd argue that's not just bad for us, as Corrente, but also bad for Kos. It's better for Kos to be embedded in a dense ecosystem of smaller blogs that both protects and challenges, than to be the one blog left standing after a corporate re-org. (Not saying Big Orange is against net neutrality, at all; just saying this is a likely outcome if the Blue Dogs and the Enablers and friend of HRC Mike McCurry sell out out on the issue.)

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