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Jane Hamsher does and says the right thing.

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As folks here know, all of my very limited interactions with Jane Hamsher have ranged from tense to unpleasant e.g.

That said, her getting arrested at the WH as well as her having pledged to participate in the Oct. 6th action and what she has to say about her having done so here:

have definitely brought her up several notches in my estimation.

She's stepped up to the plate.

Now it's our job to match with our asses where our mouths have been.

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I said before that I believed that she learned a lot from the health care fiasco and would do a lot better in future political battles. I think she and the whole FDL community have gotten a lot smarter, so that's great to see.

I'm probably going to head down to DC to be a part of this protest on Wednesday.

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She is getting a lot of flack from Axelrod's Tweetbots. I think we have seen what is in store for us on October 6; but I plan to be there.

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Jane' been getting closely connected to Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers in helping to organize recent protests and the October 6th action. They're very committed people and have probably influenced her positively, including on Medicare for All.

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All I can remember is that the Flowers civil disobedience in the Baucus hearing room wasn't covered. But on the other hand, if Flowers blesses Hamsher, who am I to argue?