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James Q. Wilson, carceral bullshit artist

Rortybomb. In the same way that Greenspan and the economics department of the University of Chicago (with an assist from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and others of their ilk*) paved the way for Big Money to financialize and destroy our economy, James Q. Wilson paved the way for Big Prison to destroy the black community by imprisoning its young men, which, from the passages that Rortybomb quotes, was his objective. At least, unlike the economists, he was honest! Of course, Big Money and Big Prison merged when the process of incarceration began to be privatized, another one of the many marriages made in heaven among our ruling elite.

NOTE * Although, fortunately for us, not from analytically top-ranking, first-rate departments, filled with original thinkers and teachers, like UMKC....

UPDATE Bruce, if you're reading thing, I need a "Big ____ " riff for the incarceration system; I'm not satisfied with "Big Prison" (even less with "Big Jail"). Any ideas?