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JAMA study on vouchers

Here's a study from JAMA justifying vouchers. I need a takedown and don't have time to do it. Anybody game?

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Submitted by hipparchia on

do you want a takedown of this particular article, or just the idea of voucherizing medicare in general?

the article you link to is behind a paywall, is there a free copy of it somewhere that you know of? i can take on the generalities of vouchers, but i'd want to read the entire article before writing about it in particular.

Submitted by lambert on

... which I think would serve as a general takedown in any case. Dammit, I would swear I read the whole thing, but I googled the title and came up with this PDF (two pages):

Let me know if that does not work for you!

Personally, I view the whole thing as an ideologically driven medical experiment performed on the American people without their informed consent, but what do I know?

Submitted by Aquifer on

"Without ACA improvements, beneficiaries must pay more for traditional Medicare or join a private plan. Given the current fiscal pressures, this may be acceptable, but it is a major shift from traditional Medicare that may have deleterious consequences."

Yup - will be set up so Seniors have to pay more, which means they will jump ship and traditional Medicare will simply fade into the sunset, another victim of "market efficiency", until, of course, another generation, having discovered the hard way that the "market" is a lousy model for medicine, will have to invent Medicare all over again ...

Submitted by hipparchia on

now i'll have to read the article and rewrite my post!