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Jack Trammell: The government is like a household

Some Blue Dog-centric Democratic apparatchik seems to have laid eggs in Jack Trammell's brain[1]. The ongoing process of transformation and assimilation has been horrifying to watch. The Star-Exponent:

"[TRAMMELL:] The government needs to balance its checkbook like ordinary people have to do."

Buried the lead on that one, didn't they?

Of course, government is not like a household. Households are not currency issuers; governments are, and in particular, our own Federal government, whose austerian fiscal policies, seemingly justified by the destructive myth that Trammell reinforces, have been so harmful to so many, especially the constituencies the Democrats ostensibly represent. One despairs.

The headline:

Trammell supports compromise in congressional bid

Indeed. Exactly the kind of "compromise" Democrats serve up, every time.

And ya know what? The voters are going to vote for the real Republican, not the fake one. As indeed they should.

[1] Starting in his brain. Then they spread:

To be fair to Trammell, he had little defense against the infestation.

UPDATE For those who came in late, the Jack Trammell (D) and David Brat (R) race is only a happening thing because the libertarian-leaning Brat defeated the odious Eric Cantor, in a massive upset the Beltway promptly forgot about. Since Trammell had no chance of winning at all -- as the Democratic apparatus is showing by its behavior -- and, in an amazing coincidence, both Trammell and Brat are professors at Randolph Macon University, I viewed this race as a golden, almost risk-free opportunity for Democrats to set the table for 2016 with populist themes, with a debate at Randolph-Macon, for example. The race was the Democrats' chance to show what they were really made of. And they did! They did!

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