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Single payer news blackout continues as Izvestia censors single payer efforts in the states

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Via Susie, we are alerted to Izvestia's highly selective view of health care reform in the states. Nowhere is there any mention of the effort for single payer legislation in several states. Instead we are treated to a review of right wing efforts to block the federal legislation in Florida and other states. Check out this quote:

“The states are the next battle,” said Richard Kirsch, national campaign manager for the liberal advocacy group Health Care for America Now, “and the insurers and health care industry are primed up and ready to go. The industry has enormous power at the state level, and very few states have state-level consumer groups that are able to lobby effectively against them.”

You see what HCAN't is trying to do here don't you? They are trying to frighten us into preempting the states. That is why Izvestia is silent on the subject of state based single payer initiatives.

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State single-payer efforts in many states are too well-established, I hope, to be intimidated by the sudden eye of the public press.