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Izvestia publishes two subversive ideas today


Hiding away in the unserious categories of "Home and Garden" and "Fashion and Style" are a couple of nuggets of wisdom:

In "Seeking a Cure for Optimism":

Her [Barbara Ehrenreich's*] goal? To encourage realism, “trying to see the world not colored by our wishes or fears, but by reality.”

In "Broadband, Yes. Toilet, No.":

Time holds a higher value for them than the more lucrative jobs they might have had with their advanced degrees.**

If more people would focus on these simple truths, the masters' hold on us might be weakened.

* No, I haven't forgotten her role in the Great Trauma of 2008, but nobody can be wrong about everything all the time.

** Yes, there's a huge class of people who will never have the luxury of making this trade-off. My interest is in the question of value; if people could be reminded of the value of time, as opposed to things, we might be able to grope our way out of our collective insanity.

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