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It's unfair to expect Obama to stand up for unions

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After all, on the campaign trail, he made it clear that he considered them ominous "special interests."

“Right now groups supporting Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are flooding Iowa and the other early states with millions of dollars in paid ads, phone calls, and mailings," Obama wrote in a memo, referring to the SEIU and also to groups backing Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, such as the union AFSCME and EMILY's List.

He went after the groups directly, saying a lot of the 527 activities are "paid for by huge, unregulated contributions from special interests," he said.
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This little tidbit stands out

"Taking on these groups isn’t just a matter of setting the record straight about me or my positions. It’s about proving that a new kind of campaign – funded by ordinary people who want something better for all of us – can defeat the same tired, old political textbook ...

"funded by ordinary people"

By that time O was moving up the Wall Street charts with a bullet.

O has always missed the point that unions support those 'ordinary people.' That 'same old tired textbook' made a huge middle class possible.

Well, like he actually gives a shit.

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And Atheists. And useless, leaching feeders on the now sore teet of Capitalist greatness.

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I forgot that us atheists do not count as the common rank and file, average, everyday person. And communists, well, don't we hang them in this country?