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Iceland's coalition government collapsed on Monday after an unprecedented wave of public dissent, plunging the island nation into political turmoil as it seeks to rebuild an economy shattered by the global financial crisis.

Clattering pans and crockery with kitchen utensils, thousands of Icelanders have joined noisy protests against the government's handling of the economy. The cacophony of kitchenware has led commentators to describe the protests as the "Saucepan Revolution."

Rallies have been held each Saturday since October. Though largely peaceful, the protests have seen Reykjavik's tiny parliament building doused in paint and eggs hurled at Haarde's limousine. Last Thursday, police used tear gas to quell a protest for the first time since 1949.

Of course, Iceland is very small and Reykjavik is close to everything and everyone.

And eggs? That's just wrong.

Why not shoes?

Even though the United States is very large, and the Village is very far away.

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Submitted by jawbone on


Well, actually, they're not cheap even then, but you do get a stewing hen out of your egg producers after a few years. And chicken shit for...composting?

Did I mention someone I know in WI raises chickens, feeds them organically, and is having trouble selling them at a price which will cover the feed costs? And each hen lays one egg every day, folks--so that's 7 dozen a week with six laying hens.

And while people are now being told they can eat more eggs, it's not anything like one or even two a day.

I hadn't considered the prolific nature of laying hens....

ChiDy--how're your plans for keeping chickens coming along?

Now, as to the politics of this terrible situation for Icelanders--at least those conservatives are going to be out of office. And US NeoCons get yet another black eye.

Submitted by jawbone on

It's like walking on egg shells around here--can't make puns, can't bring up tasers, can't....

But, I can take a yoke, ya know, aina hey?

But, enough or the rotten eggs will be thrown....

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Submitted by vastleft on

When you get cooped up with us. We may not be the cock-of-the-walk with one-liners, but we'll make Henny pun that occurs to us.

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Submitted by Damon on

They say you can't have an omelet without breaking a few eggs. If the Icelanders want their revolution omelet, they are going to have to break a few chicken eggs.

BTW, thinly-populated Iceland is the very definition of a village. lol

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

(sorry, i'm no good at puns)

chickens: still working on that. but yeah- i've noticed that the cost of feed works out to make raising chickens barely 'cheaper' unless one is very careful about it. but that's why free-ranging chickens are the way to go, assuming you've got the space for them. check out this guy for more info he seems to think feeding chickens can be a lot more versitile than just feed.

really, the way we feed animals in this country is even more fucked up than the way we feed ourselves. that will change, but it's going to take some reeducation and changes to what we expect our meat animals to taste like.

Submitted by jawbone on

being fed corn products and developing bad cholesterol in their fats! Wow.

And that eating grass results in chickens which produce eggs with good cholesterol. (Is that the basis for Eggland's lower cholesterol eggs?)

Fascinating. Really.

I haven't found how much grassy area is needed for chickens yet--still looking (I have postage stamp sized front and back yards).

~~~BTW, I'm finding Corrente loading slowly for me--is it my PC or...what? Anyone else having that experience? Heh, just hit preview and for the first time in a while, it was almost instant. Could be something in the DSL, which has been driving me crazy for a few months now..

Submitted by lambert on

And I'm sorrry for the DSL... But it takes time for the NSA's hamsters to split the feed and send half of it your way, and half on to the analysts. So have a little patience, please. The're only trying to protect you.

Submitted by lambert on

And nobody seems to have noticed the title -- bjork, bjork, bjork ....

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Submitted by vastleft on

Our brains are scrambled.

Submitted by hipparchia on

they all have the bad kind of cholesterol -- pigs, cows, chicken, fish, sheep, you name it -- when fed a corn-based diet, and have mostly the good kind of cholesterol [and good kind of fats overall] when raised on grass [and bugs, in the case of chickens, and whatever it is that fish eat in the wild].

i've been buying eggs that are from chickens fed flax seed meal instead of corn, has the same effect on the cholesterol in their eggs. also, their diets are supplemented with trace minerals, which means that their eggs are higher in those nutrients.

gee, feeding nutritious diets to livestock means they produce nutritious food products. whodathunkit?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

large multinational concerns in business, so it's not going away any time soon.

anyone else taught that "yellow corn is for hogs, white corn is for people?" that one goes back to the great-great-grandfather, in mom's family.

Submitted by hipparchia on

about adm et al. otoh, we can't really afford for it to go away altogether, since corn produces some of the substitutes for petroleum products that we use.

i've always eaten yellow sweet corn, not because it's better for you, but because that's what's always been available. in fact, i'd never even heard of white corn until i moved east. there does seem to be a bit of debate on which tastes better though.

looks like europeans in general regard corn as livestock feed only. since field corn [feed corn] is usually yellow, maybe that prejudice morphed somewhere along the line into the white corn / yellow corn distinction.