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It's only Indoctrination if w ain't doin' it this time

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I mentioned earlier that many schools had decided not to show, live, the President's address to school children on the first day of his daughters' new school year. Now we're finding out that at least a few of those schools' claims they had no room in the curriculum or the class day for the address were (gasp) truthiness in service of obfuscation. Hat tip to the Lone Star bloggers at who earlier broke the news that Lewisville ISD (outside Dallas) had forbidden teachers to show the speech even if parents could opt out.

Oh, and another Metroplex school that refused to show the speech bused kids to an appearance at Cowboys Stadium -- to see w, naturally. Nothing about this

had anything to do with partisanship, the Republicans' wish to create an oligarchic theocracy and destroy our public schools to do it, or Barack Obama's title or appearance, of course.

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