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It's Not About the Food Stamps; It's About a Job At a Living Wage

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Got this in an e-mail yesterday from my brother, Hal:

“June food stamp Recipients Hit All Time High As Three Times As Many Americans Enter Poverty As Find Jobs, bringing the total to a new all time high of 46.670 million and once again rising fast.”

This headline, circulating via e-mail, seems to be picked up from Zero Hedge by merging the title of one its posts with a phrase from the body of the blog post. The way it's constructed can easily be misinterpreted as suggesting that 46.670 million are now receiving Food Stamp assistance. But actually that's the BLS number for the number of people in poverty. The Food Stamp number is 22.4 million households.

Apart from wondering about the accuracy of the headline being circulated, and noting the sky is falling tone of the whole thing, I had the following brief reaction.

Those Republican bastards want to cut food stamps as part of their continuing program to make the middle class poor and get the poor people to die quickly (h/t Alan Grayson of course).

But, the Government safety net including Food Stamps is the bread and butter of people who have fallen on hard times; and there's only one primary reason for unemployment: there aren't enough jobs.

You want to get rid of unemployment? Then, quit yer complaining about the Food Stamps and make the jobs!

Doesn't matter if they're public or private: who gives a shit besides neo-liberal, Ayn Randian ideologists?

The only thing that matters is that people who want them get jobs at a LIVING wage, which means: Make sure those new jobs aren't at Walmart or McDonald's!

And, yeah, we can afford it!

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Conservatives look at the Zero Hedge chart and think "Government spending is out of control !!! Those people are on food stamps because they are too lazy to work !!!"

I look at the Zero Hedge chart and think "We are failing our people. Things are not getting better. The system is broken. There is no plan to fix things. I see a bleak future for America."

So it is important to remind people that MMT has a solution. MMT knows how to ELIMINATE poverty in America. MMT has a plan to get people off the dole and put them to work. Obama may claim that he can't fix the economy in only 4 years, but MMT can fix the economy in 4 months. We are only limited by resources, not by little pieces of paper.

We have a beautiful story to tell. It needs to be told, over and over and over.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

and you've summarized it well!