If you have "no place to go," come here!

It's Live!

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Correntewire I mean.....

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Glad to see you folks back.

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So, what happened? DNS lookups of were failing all week. Was that by design, or was there just a problem with renewing the domain?

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I had the same reaction.

I will say, however, from my limited experience of setting up table & lit on sidewalks, that :

You are allowed on a public sidewalk. However, I seem to recall that, when we were on the property of a Post Office, we could be asked to leave. We were asked to leave, but stayed. By the time someone came out again, we were ready to leave anyway. So, nothing happened.

When we were on a city sidewalk in front of a bank, the bank called the police, who came and told the bank that we could be there. Ha.

Ray was on Federal property and did not leave when asked. Maybe he could have just moved to the regular sidewalk. In any case, it was overkill because there were about six policemen, and they did not care what happened to his stuff. The charges in this case have to be very minor.

What seems really silly to me (and did when I was at a Post Office) is that you can, apparently, be guilty of trespassing on federal property, which is public.

Anyway, I am no expert.

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Thank God! I needed my daily fix!

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Thanks for coming back. I have two David Graeber pieces waiting for corrente to be back.

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don't seem to have shown up. So here they are again.

Good to see you back!

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Glad you're back and annoying the Establishment on a consistent basis. :)