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A quick and belated response to a sentence from CDs post on PTSD. She writes:

America is suffering from PTSD.

Er, no. There are people who are suffering, and there are people (call them the "principals") who people who are leveraging that suffering, may have caused it, and may even enjoy causing it. Tim Geithner's golfing buddies, for example, aren't suffering at all. And, of course, there are people (call them the "enablers") who are helping out the principals -- sometimes, of course, from the best of motives. If they're suffering, they're doing so while they still have food, fuel, shelter, a job, a little margin.

Some of the enablers are busy nailing the Overton Window firmly in place on single payer (Hi Ezra!).

And some of the principals are busy preparing to loot even more of what we have left (Matthew 13:12) under the "Bad Bank" bill, under the guise of "rescue," etc.

Whenever you hear the word or the concept "we" ask yourself, as did Tonto, "What do you mean, we?"

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Submitted by herb the verb on

I'm taking CD's point as meaning a similar dynamic to a battered spouse leaving a known abuser for a new potential abuser who promises to protect them. It's completely rational to leave a known abusive relationship for another, unknown but still potentially abusive relationship. The devil you don't know in that case being a better choice than the devil you know is going to kill you.

Any port in a storm.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

McCain had Bush hanging on him like an anchor and once the economic meltdown became public (lets face it, it was happening long before it was in the news) the race went from close to blowout for obvious reasons. A better reference point would be to look at the outcome of the primary. Which of the "battered" people voted for which candidate? I thought it was the poor, bitter folk who voted for Hillary and not some abstract concept of "hope". It was the enablers--which includes just about every progressive blog--who used hate and lies to silence even mild critics of Obama and the shifting of the Overton window (remember the attacks on Krugman?). Long story short, I don't think the battered spouses are keeping with the abuse, the "creative" enablers are locking the battered spouses in the house so that they have to take it. Hell, they even telegraphed it by announcing the O'Biden brute squad.

Maxine Waters had it right, people aren't looking for hope, they are looking for help. If you already have basic necessities you can afford the niceties of hopium euphoria.

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Submitted by connecticut man1 on

There are the people that, even in the face of the overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence, will not allow themselves to admit that bush tortured and that torture is bad or that Iraq is not a war but an illegal invasion and occupation, etc. long list.

The reason they will not allow themselves to speak these simple truths is because that would mean facing the reality of their own complicity in supporting these crimes. Certainly, in a way, they are dealing with PTSD. Though, they would not admit that either.

The reality is that more Americans have moved towards those simple truths and, in doing so, the house of cards that the previous "Overton Window" was built around crashed and tore down one republican frame after another, Domino like, in their minds. For those that moved towards the truth, their frames are still busting in the back of their minds and taking other previously thought "truths" with it.

Now, we still have a ways to go. While we need to capitalize on this ongoing process to the best of our abilities but, IMHO, we need to do it in a less dishonorable way than building new tear-jerker-heart-tugging left wing frames that would eventually collapse in the long run.

Yes... Every argument, in a way, is a frame. But some are just nasty-like dishonest. How we deal with the Americans that have been traumatized? I am not an expert there. I suppose we just keep telling the truth and try and help them deal with it as it hits them.

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Submitted by pie on

the victim. Just listen to Mitch Mconnell whine because that mean Harry Reid wouldn't let repubs bring amendments to the floor (The Hill):

“Too often in the previous Congress, legislation bypassed the committee process and was considered with no input from Republican senators,” McConnell wrote in a November letter to Reid signed by 42 GOP senators.

“Further, when those bills were considered on the floor and there were no opportunities for Republican senators to offer any amendments, millions of our constituents were denied the right to be heard.”

Good thing my irony meter is broken. Reid now has decided to allow repub amendments to the fair pay bill, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which would overturn last year's Supreme Court 's decision restricting equal-pay lawsuits.

The goodwill gesture comes as Obama calls for more cooperation in government.

Of course, the repubs are deadset aganst this bill, so expect to see fireworks and minimal cooperation.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

first off: i'm away from my computer and have to timeshare this one for the next week or so, so: no fair! i haven't even gotten a chance to read the comments to my original post yet, durnit!

but: no, i stand by my statement. "america" is suffering from PTSD. the people you mention? they are not "americans." they are entitled members of the "post-constitutional" master class, those to whom 'citizenship' and 'the law' have no meaning, or at least not as we understand them. they don't exist in 'our economy,' they exist above it, sucking the lifeblood out of it like spiders upon a captured fly.

sorry, i had to write that post in a hurry, so it is not as well fleshed out as the whole of my thoughts on the matter. but i grok your point, and will just respond that there is the class of Little People/slaves/thralls known as "america," and those who direct our lives and exist upon our continued thralldom and, as you point out, suffering.