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As Yves would say, a must read.

Nice work from another C list blogger.

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And was going to bring it over here.

I think it quite neatly sums up what's gone wrong with this country. It's a lack of compassion.

We see this dynamic playing out amongst the "creative" class and the unterbussen. And since the superior among us get to decide who's deserving of assistance, you can tell who they don't want to help.

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It encapsulates the process at work. An example: saying this blog has been "de-normalized" by the "progressive blogosphere" is even more descriptive than "C-listed".

And yeah, wringing the compassion out of the left side of the equation only means those who practice it have come up with a different set of criteria for the "meritocracy". A different method of grading human lives using "free market" frameworks.

It's "Randian Leftism", or in other words, not "Left" at all.

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disagreeing with him that everybody would be better off if tobacco were banned, disagreeing that everyone who smokes is an addict, and objecting to his calling people "cunts" to express his disapproval. Other than that, okay.

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Including the build-up:

I think many Americans voted for Obama because in their minds he represented the promise of a more compassionate America. They forgot, or chose to forget, that the promise was a political promise. Which is to say it was all either just smoke, or unfulfillable by even the best intended mortal in such a heavily armed high stakes whorehouse. Some of the best among us have thrown in the towel, lost all faith in the political process. Frankly, in my 63 years as an American I've never seen more hearts broken nor more bitter people created by a single event. And that includes the Vietnam War.

He got that right. I emailed him on "cunt." I wonder if he'll respond?

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"fuckstain" and "shitstain" myself. (tangentially off-topic) There is nobody who wants to be, or be associated with either of these things (especially shitstains). They have no redeeming value whatsoever. Plus, you don't collaterally insult things which are really all that bad. Take "cunts", they are actually quite nice, no matter what word you use to describe them. Same with "dicks". "Assholes" are borderline, we've all got 'em, and they come in handy, for some even pleasurably, but generally aren't something you want to hang around all the time.

One time I got involved in an animated discussion with a couple of friends of what the absolute worst insult was, because "motherfucker" wasn't bad enough (neither was "cocksucker"), especially if you took it literally. After a couple of hours, we figured it out, but by that point were too drunk to remember.

That was a devastating loss to humankind. Not unlike all of the artwork Van Gogh wasn't able to produce because he killed himself.

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And then there's this. I just read right past that. My bad!

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Imply that your hated opponent fornicates with animals. 'Pigfucker,' 'dogfucker,' 'horsefucker,' the list goes on. Be as creative as you like. It's gender-neutral and evokes the 'uncultured hillbilly' specter that all 'cultured' politicians, on the left and the right, scramble to flee from.

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In the discussion we had (as described above, seriously, we spent hours), I know that formulation was put forward and rejected. Sure, it's kind of gross, like necrophilia**, but the peoples is just trying to have a good time, y'know? I'm sure PETA and the ASPCA don't agree, but whatever. Plus, we live in a modern age, and just about anything goes, and is even celebrated. But I grant ya, ultimately, we all need to draw a line, and pigfucking just might be it. But then some absolute shitstains are in love with that formulation, so there must be something wrong with it.

But to get back to Joe, hey, nobody's perfect, I wouldn't want to pull a Jimmy the Greek on him, he is otherwise awesome.

*And that is just one of those comment titles that you never thought you would have the opportunity to write, and we are moving into full thread hijack now....

*Weird that "corpsefucker" never caught on except in the sense of "fucking the dead", but usually that's just the memory or wishes of the dead.

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Mark Shields described the stupak stain as "Nancy Pelosi standing up to the women's caucus."
Do the dems even have an ideology anymore? I think they are nothing more than the Obama party. That seems to be the thing they fight for at the expense of all else.
The response to the letter is EXACTLY how I began to view the "we won" group during the primary and now almost 10 months into " victory". Still weird to be disconnected from old tribes.

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"Standing up to the women's caucus."

Using Somerby's phrase, it's hard pundit law that being "serious" and "responsible" means throwing "the little people" under the bus. They love it when politicians kick down against people who have no power (women, unions, GLBT, single payer, you name it). When you kick "your own" in the teeth, that shows strength. They don't like it so much when politicians kick up against entrenched corporate interests (see Wellstone, Paul), that shows craven weakness, or *shudder*, populism.

Up is down, black is white.

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Let's be real here, smoking cigarettes relieves stress initially and then you become tolerant and sooner or later the only stress you're relieving is the stress of withdrawal.

I speak from experience here. I don't hate on smokers like I did before I started, so I don't like the awful rhetoric, but addicts also lie to themselves to justify their behavior. I had different ways of coping with stress before I smoked a cigarette. Now I pretty much just have one.

It ain't exactly Normal Rockwell shit.

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I think okanogen nailed it. We define ourselves as winners in a competitive society, and look for ways to have won. Winning = more merit, higher status in the meritocracy. I mean how much more self-preening can you do than consider yourself a member of the "creative class." It makes you a real individual. And it explains why you deserve more than other people. It's not luck or being born on second base -- it's earned desserts.

And since human beings are at least as cooperative as they are competitive, they join together in a parody of solidarity -- the campaign to help others for their own good.

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... because it implied that working people weren't or can't be "creative" which is just wrong (especially when you start thinking about which forms of creativity are privileged over others).

Today, I'd add -- as we see from the health insurance bailout debacle -- that the "creativity" also occurs in a very limited context, limited essentially the owners of the financial circus for which these people are shills.

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to lump all bloggers into some sort of class, and then to call that made-up class "creative."

And as a classical musician, it's very difficult for me to put myself in the same category as a blogger. So it's a personal thing with me as well.

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I don't suppose you'd consider posting on classical music as well...

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I'm a performer, so I'm not sure what I would say about it.

If you want to be more specific, please feel free to email me at my sign-in address.

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Maybe that's the problem. Everything is in the semantics, and the labor movement should have rebranded long ago.

The "working" class certainly is and does that, but more importantly it also produces and actually creates, as opposed to just imagines or merely owns*.

Would our world be a different place if the "working" class were called the "productive" class instead? I can hear the sputtering in Chicago now: How dare you call "workers" "producers", they don't produce anything! The machines (i.e. capital equipment) do that! People are merely an expense that in a perfect world capital could eliminate in order to maximize profits! (in Scrooge's time they were called the "surplus population").

Cannonfire has a post which targets the same phenomenon I cited above, he calls the people who deal in the meritocracy meme YAFs (for Yet another Milton Friedmanite), and/or YALs (for Yet Another Libertarian). When Newberry talks about the Finance Wing of the FKDP, this is also who he is talking about. Since I know way too many Reagan Republicans** who have been snake-charmed by Ann Rand's adolescent philosophical outlook, I know how to recognize the memes. It's all social darwinism for these people. Free markets are the perfect machine which sort the worthy humans from the less worthy. The "cool" survive and are blessed with prosperity (and power), the poor "just couldn't compete" and have no reason to exist except to open the doors for the rich and worship them.

IOW, All those little people? You mean the ones who are late with the rent?

*or bloviates.....

** or former Reagan Republicans who are now Obama Democrats (seriously).

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I watched the movie Dutch last night, with Ed O'Neill and a very young Ethan Embry from 1991.

And the entire movie is about the divide between a working class stiff(who happens to have earned his wealth), and the spoiled little "creative class" brat he has to take home.

Of course part of the kid's problem is the manipulation his father lays on him, to inflict pain on the mother, but some exposure to the trial and travails of the working class does wonders for the kid's outlook.

We should make it required watching for the entirety of access bloggers. Maybe they'll figure it out.

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In the remake Dutch would be in the wrong. The kid would be sighingly explaining to him why he was so yesterday's news.

Actually, I just realized the "Creative Class" is Ethan Embry's generation, so it all fits. The life lesson didn't take.

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... almost completely destructive. Which is why people like Bareback Andy practice them...

Submitted by lambert on

I've had a bellyful of GenX, GenY, Boomers...

Why, you might almost think it's all designed to set people with common interests against each other!

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and that term was coined and promoted for exactly that reason. To help one tribe which was victorious feel even more smugly superior and cool to those who were vanquished.

It's both class and generation by design, to make the tribe more exclusive.

Sorry, if you are old, white, female, or work for a living, you had better have very good "creative class" bona fides and know the secret handshake, otherwise your opportunities to enter the creative class is severely limited.

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Ethan Embry is only a year older than me.

It's a class thing, not a generational thing.

Also, don't forget, for part of the movie Dutch is in the wrong, cuz I know I'd certainly beat the crap out of anyone I didn't know who was snooping in my private area, as Dutch was in the beginning. Also, as humorous as it is when Doyle keeps saying "I'm going to sue you" to everyone who irritates him, some of Dutch's conduct is child abuse.

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My bad.

But I figure it follows standard Hollywood formula. Grumpy, old working stiff doesn't "get it", is thrown together with kid reluctantly, and having no knowledge of "modern" parenting, institutes depression-era "stern upbringing". Kid is all "with it" and bristles under oldster's antiquated ways, has no respect for uncool old dude, and gets "disciplined" because of it. Ultimately a McGuffin changes the story arc so that each sees where the other is coming from and respect is earned on both sides.

Did I guess right?

That's what happens in the movies. In real life, the kid goes to college and then moves back into the old guy's basement, where he starts a blog and calls himself "creative".

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It's fairly standard road trip movie, but in this case the working class stiff actually wants to go and get the kid from boarding school, to help his girlfriend, who is estranged from her son, thanks to her philandering ex-husband, who's convinced the kid all their problems are his mother's fault.

But first he starts nosing around in his room, so Doyle, a brown-belt, beats him up and shoots him with pellets. Then once that's cleared up, he refuses to go with Dutch, the kid is then forcibly restrained and abducted him(even with the mother's permssion, this is still child abuse).

Several mishaps on the road later(from exploding fireworks, Doyle's joyride that destroys lots of property and the car, to wallet thieving prostitutes) they end up at a homeless shelter, where Doyle finds out the truth about being "working class". He also discovers what a turd his father is(who skipped out on a holiday with him, to shack up with some woman, only to try and say he cancelled a big meeting to be with him later) and reconciles with his mother.

He also learns about judging people, b/c the whole time he thinks Dutch is some broke loser who's dating his mother cuz she gets alimony, but in actuality, Dutch owns a successful construction company and is quite wealthy.

So, in reality, it's more of a coming of age story for Doyle, though the catalyst is Dutch.

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I agree creative class is a class thing, but I think there has to be some generational component. If only because I'm doubting there previously was a time when a class of people described themselves as "creative class". I don't know if the artist communities (or intelligencia) of the past counts. Does it?

I shudder if the "progressive blogosphere" is somehow considered the new intelligencia or artistic elite. Something new to be depressed about?

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I have lots of anger, and I am having to repress it. It's directed at a critical vendor though and I'll have to serve my revenge cold.

So I stand busted.