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It's BAAAAACK - and it's in MadamaB's Mailbox!

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I'm Baaaaack! Aren't I Pretty?

Oh my Goddess! I thought we were done with the Public Option Sparkle Pony for good after it had been whittled away to a teensy sliver, then shaved into nothingness by our Preznit and Congresscritters, who had always said they never wanted it in the first place. Helas, au contraire, mes amis - it's baaaaack! And to prove that there's still life in the ol' horse yet, I received no fewer than three emails in my Inbox yesterday regarding this mythical creature.

First, our dear friend David Plouffe weighed in with an impassioned plea for Kirsten Gillibrand, casting her as a strong, progressive leader on "health insurance reform." Barf me! Oh, and of course, he asked for money three times.

Soon after I had presumably been softened up by Plouffe's famously irresistible sales technique, it was time for CREDO Action to weigh in with an email of its own.

Dear MadamaB,

The public option is not dead.
One of your Senators, Kirsten Gillibrand, is taking the lead in fighting for the public option in the Senate. Sen. Gillibrand just joined three colleagues in writing a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asking him to pass the public option through reconciliation, which requires only 51 votes in the Senate.

This follows a similar letter to Sen. Reid signed by 119 Democrats in the House and a petition in support of using reconciliation to pass a public option signed by over 300,000 members of CREDO Action, Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Can you call Sen. Gillibrand and thank her for showing leadership in the public option fight?

Oy vey is mir. What fight is she supposed to be leading? What is in the supposed "public option?" Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I have come to see the Public Option Sparkle Pony as an actual detriment to real health care reform. You can call anything a "public option" at this point, can't you? Everyone seems to have a different idea of what those words mean. How very convenient! But when you say things like "Everybody in, nobody out" and "Medicare for All," you know what that means, don't you? Then why would anyone who pushes for an amorphous marketing slogan instead of real, progressive policies be deserving of my thanks?

Oh, but wait. I should not just thank her for helping tank REAL health care reform - I should call her a HERO for doing so. It's twue, it's twue!


Kirsten Gillibrand - HERO on health care

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand did New York proud today.

She defied the stale DC conventional wisdom that tells Democrats to be weak -- and instead called on Majority Leader Harry Reid to pass the public health insurance option through "reconciliation," which only needs a simple majority in the Senate.

When elected representatives take bold action, they deserve our praise. Can you call Kirsten Gillibrand and say thanks for her bold leadership?

Forgive me, but is THIS what passes for "bold progressive leadership" these days? A sternly-worded letter?

How utterly pathetic.

Sorry, CREDO, BoldProgressives and Obama for America, my standards are, apparently, a lot higher than yours. If Kirsten Gillibrand REALLY wants to be a hero, she'll ditch the Sparkle Pony and start pushing for single-payer healthcare - Medicare for All - without the Stupak/Nelson crapulence. If she does this, she'll get my money, my vote AND I'll call her to thank her.

But until New York's newest Senator does something truly worthy of praise, I'll keep my wallet closed, my ballot box unchecked, and my phone buttons untouched. Hey, Kirsten, can you answer Miss Jackson's question please?

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Submitted by vastleft on

"Public option" is a fundraiser for the big blogs, advocacy groups, and "progressive" candidates... and an insurance plan for Big Insurance. Everybody wins!

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Submitted by madamab on

I can't see it any other way. There is no meaningful policy attached to the PO, so what else is it good for? Absolutely nothing (say it again...).

There is no chance that all these emails happened on the same day, within an hour of each other, without marching orders from the DNC/Obama.

What do you want to bet that every blue-state Democrat up for election in 2010 will suddenly discover a desire for the PO?

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Submitted by dblhelix on

but no, they wouldn't do that! After all, bold progressives are on the outside fighting the man.