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Dear Lord.

Suit: McDonald's wages put on costly debit card
A Pennsylvania woman has filed suit to avoid fees she may be charged to get her McDonald's wages from a debit card.

Single mom Natalie Gunshannon has filed suit over bank fees that allegedly include $1.00 to check her balance, $1.50 to withdraw cash and $15 to replace a lost card.

The 27-year-old Gunshannon, who lives near Wilkes-Barre, says the JPMorgan Chase payroll card was her only payment option.

Her suit names franchise owners Albert and Carol Mueller, who employ about 800 people at 16 McDonald's restaurants in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Jeebus. Whatever happened to the good old paycheck you put in the bank, anyhow?

I mean, you've got to pay a buck to see if your paycheck came through!

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Submitted by editor_u on

This stuff makes me crazy. I suppose the deal is, we do whatever we can get away with, even if it's illegal, until someone stops us.

As I wrote in response to a posting by DCblogger early in 2012, it is already law that one may not be charged any fees with regard to payment of wages. (There is a second, clarifying, comment immediately below the first one linked above.)

Wages must be paid "free and clear" and in cash or "negotiable instrument" – the latter of which must be redeemable on the established pay day, on company time, and without payment of fees of any kind.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

I agree that this is outrageous, but the reason they won't give her a check to deposit, is likely because she doesn't HAVE a bank account.

Several years ago, the Sailor had a warehouse job that issued paychecks the same way if you didn't have a checking account for direct deposit, which we didn't.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

... and e-mail and internet provider. USPS all the way -- the American Way.

And McDonald's (and the thiefs who hold the franchise in question) knows full well that a considerable percentage of its employees likely are "unbanked."

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If every Post Office had an Internet broadcast tower that covered it's delivery catchment the whole country would be covered by definition.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

We have to stop the Panzer Units that are accelerating the privatization of all USPS buildings - NOW!

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i'm with you 100% on that.