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It's all about the rents, part one million and three

Embrace the suck at Verizon! Check out this internal memo*:

Effective this past month, all CSRs [customer-service reps} were versed on the usage of blocks. A new policy has gone into effect regarding how to handle Escalated Calls regarding data charges. Now, a representative can be reprimanded and even terminated for proactively offering to block any of the following:

  • Web Access Blocks
  • Data Blocks
  • Premium SMS blocking
  • Application download blocking
  • Vcast Music or Vcast Video download blocks

Essentially, we are to upsell customers on the $9.99 25mb/month or $29.99 unlimited packages for customers. Customers are not to be credited for charges unless they ask for the credit. And in cases such as data or premium SMS, where the occurrences may have gone months without the consumer noticing, only an initial credit can be issued.

And imagine! Humankind managed to exist for thousands of years without cellphones! If you can't get rid of yours today, at least try to minimize your usage, and above all, use it for voice only.

NOTE * And isn't it terrific that our extremely smart and well intentioned El Presidente let all the telcos -- and their CEOs -- off the hook by granting them retroactive immunity for illegal warrantless surveillance under the previous criminal regime?

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chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

in my case, because i have to be available to address potential medical emergencies of the people i care for at any time, i am always with my cell phone. it is like a ball in chain, i admit that. i am totally unsurprised by this memo and frankly i'd call it pretty SOP for corporations operating in america today. "upsell" pressure is something i get all the frakking time, from the people who provide information services, restaurants, clothing stores... even the grocery big box i go to has "upsell" programming on the many tv screens that are in the store. that's another reason i have to have a PDA with me at all times. increasingly i use it to block out mind control and propaganda packaged as "entertainment while you shop" in stores that pipe in audio/video. i really, really hate that shit. i'm very glad my phone allowed me to download most of my own personal music collection to it, and the modern earbobs work wonders for blocking out other sounds.

Submitted by lambert on

I have a cheesy contract phone exactly for emergencies (and anybody who thinks they might need a cell that's even slightly off the grid had better get one soon before the Feds force you to register them).

* * *

I love that you need a cell to download music to block out Muzak. That reminds me of Best Buy (which I like, actually, because they've honored service guarantees) charging you $30 to "optimize" your PC, which means removing all the crap that Microsoft installed on it at the factory.

Andre's picture
Submitted by Andre on

is competing with Comcast for being the worst company ever, in my most recent bill for my land-line phone was a flyer, which was headlined (I have DSL for home internet use and the cost has been creeping up): "Are you getting the most value from your bundle?" and inside the flyer "Call Verizon today for a full account review. A better bundle could be waiting." Could they be looking for unsuspecting customers to use in this training mentioned in this post? I certainly intend to call them. It'll be interesting in seeing if this is now the corporate mindset.

Zolodoco's picture
Submitted by Zolodoco on

I'll get a cell phone again when service contracts and hefty termination fees go away and the minutes you purchase never expire. So that basically means I'll never get another cell phone. I can't give money to people whose business model centers around crotch-punching their customers.

Aeryl's picture
Submitted by Aeryl on

These are the prepaid companies. Which one you get depends on where you're at.

Unlimited talk/txt/web, for one flat rate. No contracts, no fees. Just a flat dollar amount, and you get to use the phone for a month. And buy a refurbbed phone of eBay.

Submitted by PA_Lady on

I've used a Verizon prepaid for 5 years now. 99-cents a day for unlimited calls to any Verizon customer (and everyone important in my contact list is Verizon), unlimited nights and weekends, plus $10/mo for unlimited text. There are occasions when I make or receive non-Verizon calls, so I keep an extra $5-10 on the account for those.

Even better, I haven't paid for a phone in years. If someone I know upgrades and it's a model I like or think I'd like, I ask what they're doing with the old phone. By now, my friends and family are trained to just give them to me (most go to the local rape/abuse crisis center). I try them out and the winners either get to be my new phone, or join some friends and accessories in a box in my closet. (Always have a spare phone or five for when you drop yours in the sink, toilet, down a storm sewer, let your daughter borrow it....)

Ian Welsh's picture
Submitted by Ian Welsh on

no cell phone is when you have young friends (early 20s) who have been trained to text, text, text...

So far, I just make them phone me on my landline or email me, but I may give in at some point. Otherwise, I just use the cell when traveling.

basement angel's picture
Submitted by basement angel on

They skimp on bandwidth and the phones sound like shit. I tell clients who are out of the area that they need to call me from their land line. I don't have time to waste on a phone call where I have to strain to hear every word. Also, people multi-task so much on mobile phones so you don't really have their attention. Trying to business with someone who has decided they need to drive to Starbucks for a frappacino is ridiculous. And how many times does that happen? You're having a phone call with someone and all of a sudden, they're ordering a coffee drink. I hate that.

My husband and I have one mobile phone between us. We go months without using it.