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Obama Camp: Trump Moment Shows “Lack Of Moral Leadership” By Romney

If you are unemployed, do you care about birtherism? If you are being persecuted by bill collectors, do you care about birtherism? How about if you are sick with no way to pay for health care, or worse, have a sick child with no way to pay for health care, does birtherism resonate with you?

If a friend or relative has been deported, do you care about this?

If you are homeless, or have a friend or family member who is homeless, would you care?

Suppose someone close to you was driven to suicide by economic ruin, would you care about this?

What our political elite fail to comprehend is that increasing numbers of us are in a world of hurt and we just cannot be bothered to care. Obama's most formidable opponent is indifference. Look for historic lows in voter turnout for this election.

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about this is disgusting, DCB. They all seem to think they have an obligation to go after birtherism, but can't be bothered to talk about inequality.

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the celebrity press corps talks about these things not in spite of the fact that they are trivial, but BECAUSE they are trivial. For at least the past 20 years the object of our press corps is to obstruct debate, not illuminate it.