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Andrew Levine posts a good summary of the 2010 horse race titled So What if the Democrats Lose?

I agree with everything he has to say until his very last sentence.

Reluctantly therefore, and with a view ultimately to changing the institutional framework that makes such awful choices necessary, we must see to it that they win.

That's what I used to believe - that we have no where else to go, that we have to choose the lesser of 2 evils. Here's the problem with that notion - it's like rewarding your misbehaving dog for bad behavior. Your dog has no incentive to behave better. There's no magical force going to come in and make your dog behave. You have to do it. And if that means putting up with a few hours of howling or it means that you have to get up off the couch every 10 minutes to take the dog outside - well so be it.

In this case, the Democrats are the dog. We're rewarding bad behavior by reelecting them. Where's the incentive for them to listen to their constituents? Geez if we don't reelect them, the country will be run by cats! You'll have no dog at all in the fight. Well, cats ran the country for 8 years and when the dogs took over, things have gotten even worse. Maybe the smoke and mirrors have improved.

Lame analogies aside, my point is this - right now I truly don't think things could get worse. Our country is headed in the wrong direction and will continue to do so regardless of the party in power. So our choice at the polls in 2010 is Democratic liars vs. the Republican deranged. I feel pity for people who are deranged. Somehow, for these crazy nutjobs their worldview is so twisted that Fox News seems reasonable and propaganda is soothing. It's sad. But liars I have no sympathy for. Liars know how bad things are, exactly how they are making them worse, and they are choosing to lie anyway.

The only way to change the institutional framework, as Levine would like to see done, is to stop electing Democrats until they are people we actually want to vote for, rather than pathetic placeholders against perceived Republican boogeymen.

I think the Dems will lose big in the fall because the majority of people are really ticked off at them for lying to us about the hopey/changey bit. Dems promised a hyped-up populist messiah and then made a sharp turn to the right. What could be worse than killing people's hopes during a depression?

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