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"Issue Of Revoked US Passport Not Necessarily A Huge Hindrance"

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[C-Span, Washington Journal, June 27, 2013]

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Exactly. But his interview came across (to me) more like he was trying to "clear his own name."

That's what concerned me.

Anytime you join in "vilifying" the only defenders of your child, seems to me that you're helping set up the Government' case. Hate to think it, but I had to wonder if this move was more of a "PR" move to distance himself (senior Snowden) from his son's actions, than to help his son's situation. It makes no sense, otherwise.

The reporter's who were discussing it said that, of course, the "terms" that he laid out, were laughable (to the Government).

If I'm not mistaken (and I could be), he hasn't even spoken to his son in quite some time.

I can't imagine what attorney would advise him to jump into the fray, in this manner, at this time. I believe that he has been ill-advised.

Great point. Maybe he doesn't need the help of "his advocates" now.

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but according to a Tweet that I've received from Todd Zwillich (does the radio program "The Takeaway"), Senator King says, "I'm moving more and more to the treason end of the scale."

He apparently "sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence."

Too pushed to figure out how to post the "Tweet," but here's an several minute "audio clip" of King being interviewed on Zwillich's show recently.

I seriously doubt that we'll find any Dem (or Independent) who won't defend the NSA program, when all is said and done.

Couldn't get the clip to work. Sorry.