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Israeli government rapes, bribes, steals while troops lack equipment, training, water

Jeebus, no wonder the Lebanon thing was such a Clusterfuck for the Olmert government. It looks like these guys had their minds on other things:

Israeli President's home raided as police examine rape claim
[1] Israeli police have raided the official residence of President Moshe Katsav and taken away computers and documents in connection with sexual harassment allegations.

[2] In a separate case of alleged high-level sexual harassment, Haim Ramon resigned this week as the Justice Minister after he was indicted for allegedly forcing a kiss on a woman soldier who worked in the Prime Minister's office. He was charged with indecent assault and could face up to three years in prison.

[3] Another of Mr Olmert's allies, Tzahi Hanegbi, is awaiting trial on charges of election bribery.

[4] Mr Olmert is also being investigated following allegations by a reporter that he received a discount worth half a million dollars in return for helping a contractor who sold him a flat.

It's like these guys are Republicans in training, or something. All petty, trivial, not worth considering when put beside the Republican rape of the Constitution. But still.

Say, I wonder how many of these guys will end up getting jobs in neocon think tanks, with the rest of the criminal Bush regime?

NOTE And, oh yeah, here's what the troops who are doing the fighting and dying are concerned about:

A group of Israeli reservist soldiers who served during the recent fighting in Lebanon, angry about the conduct of the war, on Monday demanded the resignations of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and the army chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz.

The reservists, most of whom have gone back to civilian life, say that their training was inadequate and that they were sent into Lebanon with unclear missions, inadequate supplies, outdated equipment and a lack of basics, like drinking water. They called for a national inquiry into the conduct of the war.

Sound familiar?

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