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Israel Wages 'Slaughter War' Claiming Victimhood

In reading Dennis Bernstein’s “The Whys Behind Israel’s Gaza Slaughter” I noted his references to a “slaughter war” being waged by Israel on Gaza. In his article Vijay Prashad, professor of international studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut had this to say:

You have used a nice expression. You used the expression slaughter war. This might be a good way to characterize what’s happening. Whatever term you use, when you start to describe the situation the word war, by itself, makes no sense.

In other words, as I said earlier the Israelis have complete supremacy over the air, over the coastline, and over the border regions of Gaza. This means, of course, that Israel is without threat when it sends planes over Gaza to bomb any point....

11 days of Israel’s “mowing the grass” as the Israeli government, its troops and cheerleading racist nationalists like to refer to it. Wreaking as much suffering, death and destruction as possible on the demonized population of the Gaza Strip. Doesn’t matter age or gender or health condition or anything re their victims.

The right-wing Israeli government apparently viciously “mows the grass” every couple years or so, though this time it has an uncomfortably wider world audience, but, that apparently just requires the propaganda of denial and minimization covering and distracting from Israel’s colossal war criminality get ramped up even louder thanks to Israel’s anti-conscience cronies in so-called democratic but so-not-any-more democratic nations, ESPECIALLY the ever-hypocritical and unconditionally amorally enabling US.

The Palestinians are just getting what they deserve apparently in the eyes of this reactionary Israeli government since the Gazans had the nerve in a fair and monitored 2006 election to vote in a government that the Israeli government refuses to recognize as anything but “terrorist”. But, let’s no one even mention the high grade and low grade terrorism Israel has inflicted on Palestinians for decades.

Israel stays committed to the collective punishment of the Gazans to the nth degree.

Though Hamas is the elected government of Gaza it was NOT consulted as a so-called cease-fire deal was drawn up by Israel nor was Hamas even contacted about it and had to learn of it in the media. WTF? It was all about pro-Israel propaganda and not for good faith conflict resolution.

This is the kind of anti-conflict resolution conflict resolution that Israel has been employng with Palestinians for decades as the US does its craven part in the ongoing charades to cover and offer time as more and more Palestinian land and resources are illegally robbed by Israel.

It is the Israeli and crony American way. Grotesque hypocrisy for the perpetration of cronied evil.

Israel cries “self defense” and this outrageous propaganda mantra is inflicted on us 24/7 by western news media, with the media punishing any of its own daring to explore reality in this latest asymmetrical “slaughter war.”

The Palestinian death toll passed the 300 mark Friday. Wounded are tallied as being over 2200 reports Bill Van Auken in “US-backed Israeli invasion of Gaza unleashes death and destruction”.

Even more tragically, those death and injured toll numbers are guaranteed to climb.

The overwhelming number of Gazans are innocent and defenseless and yet this so-called “mowing the grass” slaughtering is once again how Israel ethnically cleanses Arabs from its proclaimed but illegitimate “homeland.”

Where is an international power that can speak on behalf of the Palestinians now being slaughtered?

Not the US, European members of the EU, not the Arab regimes or even Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. They are amorally willing to placate the ruthless Israel as it does “its stuff” all in the name of “self defense.”

Why won’t the world leave poor Israel alone in its sustained program of oppression? Hasn’t that been the way it has been? Let those who have only once in a great while been acknowledged and recognized as the “media unpeople”, those populations who are so “second class” or the lowest members of humanity’s totem who have been massively ignored. Like the homeless on our own American streets.

Van Auken brings up the Nazis and compares what they did in the Warsaw Ghetto to what Israel is doing to Gaza at its own concentration camp. That is not hyperbole, tragically. This comparison is as warranted as it is shocking, considering the tragic history of the Jewish people.

Now with Egypt as colluding enemy with Israel and of course the US (and even Tony Blair is getting himself involved in faux-peace efforts, which should be chilling for anyone with any operative gray matter) the Gazan population is all the more isolated and helpless in this deliberate. massive slaughter.

Imagine those diabolical Gazans using their own dead or profoundly maimed and bleeding children -- babies -- to publicly discredit Israel as it poses as the victim in all this, amidst its “mowing the grass” “slaughter war”!!!!

Why, those dead babies are as manipulative as the Gitmo detainees who have committed suicide to try to malign a media-white-hatted USA! How dastardly of them!!!! Witnessing humans of these travesties are asked to ignore the unignore-able, go along with some surreal re-framing, the media false narrative fed by the Israeli murderous agenda, and not their own senses of empathy and horror -- to be pulled away by the mantra that Israel is VICTIM and acting IN SELF-DEFENSE. Orwell must be doing some serious grave-spinning at this point.

Gaza -- the “open air prison” of Gaza -- is a narrow strip of land. The invading Israeli army is pummeling it from two land sides. Hostile Egypt has sealed its third land border. On the fourth side is a sea filled with bombarding Israeli gunboats.

“Israel is victim”. Keep repeating that.

How many Israelis are dead this round of the “slaughter war”? Two. And that is a tragedy. One woman was apparently killed while bringing candy to deployed IDF troops. Another Israeli soldier Van Auken reveals was recently killed by the friendly fire from an Israeli tank.

Van Auken calls it “psychological terror” when Israel drops leaflets over 100,000 Palestinians at the border areas faux-humanitarianly warning them to flee before they are killed. WTF? Where do they go? And this is twisted to mean they were given some kind of chance at survival?

Van Auken writes: “Those remaining in their homes are designated as 'terrorists' or 'human shields,' who can be killed without compunction.”

On Friday night in Beit Hanoun on the NE border of Gaza, Van Auken reveals, eight people of one family were killed as their home was demolished. Their bodies found amidst the rubble. Two men, two women, four children. The Abu Jurad family. They had names, like you and me and the Israelis who apparently prefer them dead. Van Auken further discloses that there were two boys and two girls in the family. Hania, Ahlam, Samih and Musa. One of those children was five months old!

The present displaced Gazans according to the UN number over 40,000. Food is running out at UN shelter facilities. Electric power and water have been cut off for most of the Gaza population. Although reports of the water in Gaza before the slaughter was that 90% of it was undrinkable.

This is a “slaughter war” up close and personal that our western media and Israel don’t want you to look at closely. They want you to stay myopic. Stay loyal to the governments and corporate media of Israel and the US. Don’t question governmental decisions. Trust they are doing all they can for conflict resolution and the welfare of humanity.

Wanna buy a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn?

Israel does not exercise any restraint in defying international law even with targeting hospitals since it launched this invasion. It is Israel that has the high tech, ultra expensive and deadly precision weaponry. Precision? Killing four children playing soccer on a beach? Bombing hospitals? Homes of the disabled? Mosques?

Crimes against humanity "no biggie" apparently in our post-morality world.

Two hospitals have most recently been hit resulting in multiple woundings and killings. One patient ADDITIONALLY injured while receiving hospital care was 25-year-old Khadija Abu Hama, reveals Van Auken. She was at the hospital having been “grievously wounded” when tanks shelled her neighborhood. Van Auken quotes her medical report: “Shrapnel ripped through most of her body, embedding itself in her brain, breaking her left arm and gouging out her left eye.”

Another patient impacted by the hospital attack was “18-year-old Uday al-Astal, now paralyzed on his right side after shrapnel entered his brain.” Uday was wounded in a bombing that killed four of his relatives, two of them were between the ages of four and six. Another of his relatives just had his leg amputated.

Van Auken writes:

There are reports that Israel, which has called up another 18,000 reservists, bringing the total number of troops mobilized for the war on Gaza to 65,000, has also been using internationally banned weapons such as fletchette bombs, an anti-personnel weapon that saturates an area with lethal darts, as well as poison gas.

And as for the US reaction, Van Auken:

In the midst of this slaughter, President Barack Obama Friday morning spoke to Netanyahu, offering the Israeli regime unqualified US support for the bloody operation in Gaza. Speaking to White House reporters afterwards, Obama said he had “reaffirmed my strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself.” He continued: “No nation should accept rockets being fired into its borders.”

This, as missiles, bombs and shells rained down upon Gaza.

Obama then declared, “… we support military efforts by the Israelis to make sure that rockets are not being fired into their territory. We also have said that our understanding is the current military ground operations are designed to deal with the tunnels, and we are hopeful that Israel will continue to approach this process in a way that minimizes civilian casualties.”

If the situation were not so tragic, Obama’s remarks would be almost comical. The idea that this massive military undertaking is being carried out to stop rockets that have in the space of 11 days killed one single Israeli, or that the IDF is confining itself to destroying tunnels, is ludicrous. The suggestion that Israel is acting to minimize civilian casualties, who make up 80 percent of those killed, with fully a quarter of these being children, is obscene.

Secretary of State John Kerry continues to assert that Israel has a “right to defend itself.”

The US green-lights the slaughter war of Gaza, clearly.

Van Auken considers this supposed war of self-defense highly craven and cynical.

The assault on Gaza was prepared long before a single rocket was fired from the territory. It was a response in the first instance to Hamas’s acceptance of a “national consensus” government with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, joining the two separated territories of Gaza and the West Bank under a single entity. Hamas held no posts in this administration and for the first time in eight years restored at least some authority in Gaza to the PA, a body that has been totally subservient to Israel and the US. Nevertheless, Tel Aviv was determined to maintain the separation between the two territories, even as Washington recognized the new government.

The Netanyahu government set about to wreck the unity agreement, tightening the blockade of Gaza and preventing the payment of salaries to its 43,000 public employees. At the same time, it seized upon the abduction of three settler youth in the West Bank, who were later found dead, as a pretext for a crackdown on Hamas’s members in the occupied territory, arresting some 600 people and launching a wave of repression in which at least 10 Palestinians were killed. It was this violent campaign of collective punishment that provoked the first rockets fired from Gaza.

More fundamentally, war is the mode of existence of the Zionist state, which continuously provokes armed confrontations as a means of diverting outward the immense contradictions that have built up in one of most socially polarized societies in the world.

The Obama administration, like previous administrations going back more than half a century, supports Israeli militarism as a means of advancing US imperialism’s own aims of asserting hegemony over the oil-rich Middle East.

Netanyahu is being pushed by even more committed pro-slaughter elements in his government -- even more to try to wrap one’s heart and mind around -- people like Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli foreign minister. The agenda apparently is to go on to murder tens of thousands more Palestinians this “mowing the grass” round since western propaganda is so helpful in distracting from the reality of the heart of darkness scenario. Van Auken explains that the Israeli government’s will is to “reimpose control over all Gaza and kill, capture or expel all Hamas members”.

On Friday Netanyahu told reporters (giving lie to Obama’s rhetoric Van Auken adds) that the bloodbath will be escalated:

“My instructions… to the Israeli army, with the approval of the security cabinet, is to prepare for the possibility of a widening, a significant widening of the ground operation.”

All the time Israel insists it is the “victim” in all of this.

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A comment over at Saker with interesting vid, it's not long with sub-titles. The last 5 min. is amazing.

Anonymous Carmel by the Sea said...

To partly understand, you all must watch this. Watch it to the end.
Part of an extended interview with writer Yossi Gurvitz . Transcribed & translated from Hebrew to English by Dena Shunra.
Again, watch it to the end.

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...that explains a lot. Thanks, very informative and frightening...