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Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza

I have to say, the only way any of this make sense if is Israel's national project is to drive the Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank -- one way or another; DCBlogger found the right video on that the other day. Not today, not tomorrow, but in the lifetime of the current political class. [1]

(Either "safe," or sitting ducks.)

All of this foofra from the Israeli army is plain rationalization that has never worked in the past, witness Hezbollah. So the purpose is the evident result: Suffering and death, and the natural human tendency to flee, when such are inflicted upon them.


And then there's this: NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children (Glenn Greenwald)

And a Guardian live blog.



NOTE In other words, I don't agree with the idea that "The Israeli government has lost the ability to think strategically." Indeed they do; it's just that Israel's many apologists won't face up to the human costs of Israel's decades-long policy of lebensraum on the West Bank and Gaza.

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Israel has become the truly Evil from which they fled from and with everyone watching the events of tragedy in the Ukraine this event might not get much air time on the lame stream corp. owned press other than blaming the victims.


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or do these invasions always happen during American elections.

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is it Oct. already;)