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Riverdaughter dug up this great poster; she's sure if it's from an Occupation, but says it sounds right:

Oh, "isocratic."

? ?/a??s?kr?si/ Show Spelled[ahy-sok-ruh-see] Show IPA
noun, plural -cies.
a government in which all individuals have equal political power.

1645–55; < Greek isokratía. See iso-, -cracy

Related forms
i·so·crat ?/?a?s??kræt/ Show Spelled[ahy-suh-krat] Show IPA, noun
i·so·crat·ic, adjective

Hmm. Interesting. I'm not sure the powers that be are going to be in favor of that. Heck, I'm not sure I am. On the other hand, I don't see many systems these days that are working well, do you? So maybe they're onto something. Persistent, bold experimentation!

NOTE I'm entirely in favor of telling MoveOn to Fuck off. More people should do that.

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I'm entirely in favor of telling MoveOn to Fuck off. More people should do that.

Yes! MoveOn's silence these past few years betrayed us all. That alone (and there is of course so much more)... says enough.

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was another slogan I saw on a poster on Wednesday at OWS. Thinking it just might be another correntewire reader, I asked if she had heard of us. No she hadn't, but yes, her ire was directed at those "career progressives". She also told me that she is organizing an "Equestrian" Wall Street protest. That is a protest march on Wall Street led by at least 50 people on horseback. That I think would be quite impressive.

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like direct democracy to me. The Swiss seem pretty happy with their variant of it.