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ISIS Like Al Qaeda Useful US Frankenstein Monster!

No one can deny or minimize the horror of the recent video released in the media showing the early January immolation of a captured Jordanian pilot by ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

I have never used the words “cognitive dissonance” so frequently before Obama’s accession to the WH, but once again, those sirens are blaring and should be for the rest of you. The corporate media drive to "war and vengeance" fever among not only our population but now many riled others is burning hotly over this as it burned after the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Barry Grey in “Imperialist hypocrisy over ISIS execution” accuses Obama, “imperialist powers and their regional allies” of “hypocritical moralizing, combined with threats of more violence.”

Grey hastens to remind us that “this act did not occur in a political vacuum.” He explains that ISIS and the disasters in Iraq and Syria are the results of massive war criminality by the very same governments now hypocritically proclaiming “moral indignation.”

My cognitive dissonance and Mr. Grey are making me feel PLAYED yet again by the war-mongerers like this latest Obama administration and its imperialist posse. This latest atrocity is so “lurid” (Grey's word) that it can be used effectively by our fellow citizens to shut up any of us anti-war advocates against the expansion of the GREAT WAR ON TERROR, clearly being stoked by Obama's current budget offering.

So the corporate media is marching out the politicians and retired military/intelligence “officials” to demand thousands of ground troops be deployed into Iraq and a “no-fly” zone (now there’s an evil oxymoron) in Syria be set up to escalate bombing there. A big perk would be overthrowing the Assad regime, which was why the US, SA etc. originally trained and armed ISIS. But their time must be bided now with the loose cannon killings of ISIS. (Remember Al Qaeda and its usefulness in Afghanistan to the US against the Russians and thereafter in escalating the scope of US and western imperialism.)

Grey quotes Obama on Tuesday:

“the viciousness and barbarity” ... “This organization appears only interested in death and destruction.”

Secretary of State John Kerry added on Kasabeh’s execution:

“reminds of all of the evil of this enemy.”

Obama spouting about “death and destruction” when the Bush and Obama administrations have used the most advanced weapons of the world and massive numbers of US and NATO troops against defenseless populations in the Middle East to rape those countries of their energy resources. Mr. Peace Prize alone has bombed seven countries since his time in office.

We should be a lot farther along as a citizenry than "cognitive dissonance" by this time. But we have the Repub and Dem parties serving the sociopathic avaricious oligarchy's war-lust full tilt now to contend with -- an oligarchy that conveniently owns and controls the corporate propagandizing mainstream media.

Grey spells out once again for all of us the unconscionable decision and policies to destroy the nation of Iraq.

The US has been waging economic or military war against Iraq for 25 years.

Crippling sanctions began in 1990.

The first Gulf War occurred in 1991.

Iraq dealt with 13 years of sanctions and bombing attacks except for an interval between 2011 and 2014.

From 1990 to 2003, from bombing and sanctions, 1 million Iraqis died, with hundreds of thousands of them children.

US “shock and awe” invasion as vengeance for 9/11, a nation not involved with the attack, to topple a secular Saddam Hussein and install a Shiite puppet regime that thereafter massively slaughtered Iraqi Sunnis, launching an ongoing sectarian war. Like the Energizer Bunny -- STILL GOING!!!

Grey explains that handily the war criminals of DC destroyed “one of the most advanced societies in the Middle East." Think of Fallujah, Abu Ghraib and Haditha, Grey encourages.

The 2003 second Gulf War invasion and subsequent occupation resulted in a death total for Iraqi citizens of between several hundred thousand to over 1 million. As of 2007, an estimate of 2 million Iraqis have fled their home country. 1.9 million Iraqis are living in Iraq still but were displaced from their homes. That is 15% of the population.

So hearts, minds and physical welfare were never part of the “save the Iraqis” from Hussein agenda on the part of the US and its mafia friend countries. OIL OIL OIL!!!

The US destroyed Iraq’s water and sewage system and its power plants. It destroyed the health care and educational systems. Between 1990 and 2005 the infant death rate increased 150%.

By year 4 of the US occupation less than 1/3 of the population had access to clean water. Only 19% had a functioning sewage system.

What happens in those conditions? Mass cases of diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis. Malnutrition. Half of the children in Iraq suffer from malnutrition. Think 1 out of 2 kids in the US. (Though the US is working on that. 1 out of 4 or 5 kids in US goes hungry!)

Grey writes:

There is no precedent for this systematic destruction of an entire society through violence and criminality since Hitler’s armies ravaged Europe in the Second World War.

Grey goes on to indict the US government and their fellow imperialists as birthing Al Qaeda and then ISIS.

It is out of this devastation that ISIS emerged. It is a creation of US imperialism both in the general sense that that Al Qaeda in Iraq, the forerunner of ISIS, arose on the ruins of Iraqi society at the hands of the United States, and in the more specific sense of direct American backing for it and other jihadist groups.

The US strategy for dominating the Middle East has involved the financing, arming and training of Islamist forces targeting secular regimes—in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria—considered to be obstacles to the American corporate-financial elite’s pursuit of global hegemony.

In Syria, the US directly armed and trained ISIS fighters, establishing a CIA base in Jordan for that purpose. Its regional allies in the war for regime change against Assad, including the Saudi and Qatari monarchies, lavishly funded ISIS and other Al Qaeda-linked groups, such as Al Nusra. As long as ISIS was targeting Assad, Obama had nothing to say about the group’s sectarian killings and other atrocities against Shiites.

Grey asserts that it wasn’t until the brutal hordes of ISIS, convenient proxy fighters up to this point for western imperialist interests, started threatening “US INTERESTS” in western and northern Iraq that the war-mongering publicity got seriously ramped up and Obama started using the word “EVIL” toward ISIS and chose to launch one more ILLEGAL war in both Iraq and Syria against it!!!

So once again the Global War on Terror has new propaganda fuel to expand. The video-taped executions have been well-timed to continue war criminality on the part of the imperialist killing-machine monsters thanks to ISIS, their latest Frankenstein creation.

Death and mayhem globally? Who cares as long as the pols and oligarchs are safe and raking in their ill-gotten profits and propagandized positive celebrity as being tough on terror and faux-protective of civilians at home and abroad.

Where is the accountability for the war criminals? Where is the truth?

What of the new dangers of ISIS against their imperialist creators?

Our war and death-mongering hypocrites play it as it lays, the code of disaster capitalism. When things start going south in terms of your frenemy turning on you USE IT for advantage -- you know, lemons to lemonade. More reason to KILL KILL KILL and look like western mass killing is justified!

Robert Fisk in “Genghis Khan-style Cruelty of Isis” writes:

Long before Isis butchered the Iraqi army and Iraq’s Shias, and put the Christian and Yazidi peoples to flight, it was chopping up the corpses of the Syrian government’s supporters and sending videotapes of their decapitation to their families before releasing them to a public which largely preferred to look aside. It is not Isis which has changed. It is us. Our intolerance of the autocrats of the Middle East – of the al-Sissis and al-Assads, of the Hashemite monarchy, of the quivering princes of the Gulf, even of the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei – is already mutating in the face of the Caliphate. All must surely become our ‘moderates’ again, those who wish to ‘unite against terror’ now that we gaze upon the fires of hell in Raqaa and Mosul.

Jennifer Lowenstein in “Holding Ourselves Hostage to History: Burnt Offering" offers this wisdom:

No sane human being will applaud the latest act of unspeakable barbarism carried out by ISIS against its hostage, the Jordanian pilot, First Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh. Too many people will nevertheless point to this latest unspeakable murder as a rationale for continued, even stepped up, efforts by the United States and its “coalition partners”, including (tragically) Jordan, to bomb it into oblivion.

Thanks to our media and to the mainstream political commentators in the United States, it will be decidedly more difficult for the average news reader to discern that this is the worst possible action our leaders can take.

Too few people, I fear, will understand that the monstrous activities of ISIS will continue, if not increase, as long as the former colonial and imperial powers of the West, Japan, and their Arab allies –all of them run by tyrants and dictators beholden to or in league with US state power and seeking “security” — persist in their attempts to shape and control the destiny of the Middle East.

It nevertheless seems likely that however long the infernal activities of ISIS continue, ISIS itself – like so many other extremist and fanatical organizations past and present – will eventually destroy itself from within. Public opinion worldwide, above all in the Middle East, is overwhelmingly opposed to the use of such depraved, barbaric tactics. Everywhere, especially where terror like this reigns day and night, people fear and abhor it. Ultimately, the core leaders of ISIS and groups similar to it, will fall upon their own swords and then be devoured, however savagely, by the populations most directly affected by their brutality.

Long established states, guilty of hundreds of thousands of atrocities over centuries, are much more difficult to defeat.

Over the centuries, they have established increasingly sophisticated means of control over their populations, using the structure and mechanisms of state power to instill xenophobia, indoctrinate their citizens with propaganda, increase and perfect surveillance, and ensure that their populations are either distracted, kept silent, or living in fear. In these cases, the mobilization of dissent is that much more difficult to harness.

Lowenstein warns that if we don’t push back against the institutionalized global destruction our children and their children and their children’s children will inherit “the world we’ve got today”:

... where innocent people of all ages and backgrounds are beheaded, burned to death, executed, gassed, targeted and murdered by unmanned drones, detained without trial, tortured in black sites, disappeared, displaced, sacrificed on an altar of state ideology, massacred or otherwise subjected to the byproducts of advanced, militarized, civilization.

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