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Is the "market state" compatible with a sustainable horticulture?


Laying down a marker for future discussion, terms deliberately undefined.

"Market state" defined in shorthand: Everything run like charters schools.

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I'll set aside the nebulous "market state" and observe that whenever we allow humans to set aside their intrinsic responsibility for what they do, we end up with horrors. The corporation is an ingenious device for evading responsibility. It was designed for this purpose: its historical origins lie in limited liability and royal granted monopolies.

Whenever a corporation does evil, shareholders point to management, management points to shareholders, employees point to management. No one has responsibility. No one is punished. And the world burns.

It's true there were plenty of horrors before corporations existed, but we are now able to execute them on a mass market scale. Meanwhile everyone involved rationalizes their actions as merely obeying the imperative of business, which is in reality a sociopathic construct.

As long as you have corporations that exist solely to consume raw materials and people in ever growing quantities, and people driven to work for them out of necessity or greed, you have no chance of a sustainable anything. As Warren Celli likes to say, it is the difference between the "vanilla" greed of the parasitic elites we used to have, and self-destroying pernicious greed in which the parasite destroys the host.