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Is "The Fix" In on the Mukasey Nomination?

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Short Answer: "Does the Pope wear Prada?"

Even before confirmation hearings for the next Attorney General were scheduled, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee gave signs that they'd cave in quite predictably on Bush's nominee--former federal Judge, and Ghouliani '08 campaign advisor, Michael Mukasey. Quoth the loathsome, gutless, feckless, purportedly 'liberal' Senator Charles Schumer: "My view [is] that Judge Mukasey has the potential to be a consensus nominee."

It is of course possible--though entirely, depressingly unlikely--that Mukasey may have more of an independent streak than former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (it would be hard to imagine anyone with less of one), but the Senate cannot afford to treat Mukasey's nomination as a done deal. The next Attorney General will inherit an almost mortally damaged Justice Department: embroiled in the Attorneygate scandal, controversies over torture, rendition, wiretapping and other "war on terror" tactics, and since the AAG scandal, one nearly completely bereft of public trust.

The Nation magazine polled some of the brighter lights in the "left/lib" universe to find out what questions they thought it would be germane to put to the Bushevik nominee to replace Abu Gonzales.

There are 10 of them in the article linked above, including:

1. As Attorney General, will you independently review the constitutionality of ongoing programs, such as electronic eavesdropping and CIA rendition camps? If so, what will you do if you conclude that they are unconstitutional?
Erwin Chemerinsky, professor of law and political science at Duke University

2. At the present time, the Justice Department's Inspector General has commenced several investigations into the conduct of the former Attorney General of United States Alberto Gonzales and others with respect to testimony given before the US Senate and the firing of US Attorneys. With respect to these investigations, would you promise (a) that you would not in any way interfere with, hinder or obstruct these investigations--including promising not to fire or remove the present inspector general until he completes these investigations--even if you were so instructed by the President of the United States or anyone acting at his behest, and (b) would you promise to appoint a special prosecutor who is a nonpartisan and well respected law enforcement official to handle any finding by the inspector general or any other office in the Justice Department of possible criminal conduct by Mr. Gonzales?
Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, author of The Impeachment of George W. Bush.

The rest are just as pointed and insightful. Go! Read! Then when the hearings for Mukasey's confirmation occur, listen. And if you don't hear any questions from the Congress which have the same sharpness of focus, you'll know (what I already sustect) that the FUCKING FIX IS IN!

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