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Is Obama Hurting His Image?

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ABC's The Note: "On trade, taxes, guns, the death penalty, campaign finance reform, FISA"--including watching the internet, e-mails and phone calls, etc., of course--"Obama...'s taking positions that are at least shaded differently than those he's taken in the past, if not outright flip-flops."

"From the beginning, Barack Obama's special appeal was...never to shift his positions for political expediency, or become captive of the Inside-the-Beltway intelligentsia, or kiss up to special interests and big money donors," begins Margaret Talev's McClatchy piece (with my slight edit.) "In recent weeks, though, Obama has done all those things."

Talev's story quotes the youth vote, some of whom are still believers:""My support is still strong," said David Christie, 20. "And I don't think folks my age will turn on him if he keeps doing things like that. Folks my age are excited, and that's not going to die because of a couple of decisions.""

Because, you know, it's only that U.S. Constitution and those pesky little additions, Amendments or something?--just 'a couple of decisions'-- about our basic rights to privacy and bearing arms.

The Note continues (my additions in brackets): "The arrogance tag -- from the (Obama presidential-like) seal flap to the (policy) reversals and the non-committal responses -- is set to be applied by the RNC. "We're going to argue that there's been significant damage done to Obama's brand this week," one GOP operative tells The Note on Friday."

That would include Mr. Obama's ignoring problems like no heat and no working plumbing in some of his district's subsidized housing in Chicago, while continuing to enrich developers like Mr. Rezko--and supporting private developers is still his current policy, as Boston Globe's Binyamin Appelbaum writes. (Applebaum's an interesting choice for writing this story as an expert in real estate. Some may remember his (personal) Boston real estate adventures last year.)

Has Obama's public image been harmed?

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and the country, tragically.

Obama's was built on lies and by portraying himself as not like other pols while doing all the same things they did.

The campaign and the media sold us that false narrative (as they sell us everything), knowing it was a crock.

It's funny to see the media so split now--some are congratulating him for not actually being how he portrayed himself and thinking he's tough and strong for it, and others are simply fitting it into the traditional "Dem moving to the center" bs (which means aping the GOP and moving right)--and some are already painting him as a weak Kerry "flipflopper".

And they're all still following both campaign's preferences--daily conference call attacks, and focus on anything but issues.

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and check this out-- when even Kerry won't vote for a bill, you know it's bad-- "... In 2005, McCain was one of only six Republicans to oppose a GOP-authored energy bill that pumped $85 billion worth of subsidies and tax breaks to oil and gas, "clean coal," ethanol, solar and wind power. Republicans hailed it as a boost to energy production, especially for the kind of offshore exploration that McCain now trumpets. But Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) denounced it as "a pork-laden, lobbyist-driven dream." Obama voted for it. ..."