If you have "no place to go," come here!

Is James Clapper the origin of "the clap" in the same way that Thomas Crapper is the origin of "crap"?

OK, OK, an urban legend. But so what? Anyhow, this post by Ian Welsh is great:

As you’ve probably heard, Obama has appointed James Clapper (the man who lied under oath to Congress about NSA spying) to review NSA spying.

I am in awe, few things have impressed me this deeply.

This isn’t just a middle finger to everyone to everyone who is against blanket surveillance (aka. the majority of Americans), it is Obama saying “Kiss My Ass.”

It’s really hard for most people to understand just how much contempt our lords and masters have for us. They really don’t give a fuck what’s good for us, what we like, or what we think. They are rich, or powerful, or famous because they deserve it, and if we aren’t any of those things then they don’t give two fucks what we think. By not being rich, powerful or famous we have proven we don’t deserve any say. After all, if we had any qualities that were worthwhile beyond the sort of qualities you praise in a dog, we wouldn’t be peons, would we.

Well, at least Obama gives us the middle finger in a thoughtful and nuanced way.

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