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iPad virtual large format camers?

Do the bellows and ground glass thing in software! The Mark II Artist's Viewfinder looks promising, although sadly (a) its pricey at $24.99 and (b) optimized for the iPhone, which is nutty, given the iPad's massive screen. They're positioning it as a previewing device for the real camera, but why not just make it the real camera?


Submitted by Dromaius on

but why not just make it the real camera?

Because the IPad/IPhone has a ridiculously small sensor and is incapable of capturing the kind of digital detail you can obtain with larger sensors?

Go here. The sensor in the Ipad (and many of the phones and pads) is smaller than the smallest sensor shown in the diagram.

Submitted by lambert on

I keep hoping they can compensate with software, but I guess that's like putting detail back into a bad half-tone (from back in the day). And people do comment about how improved the lens in this version of the iPad is, but I guess that's from a very low baseline.

Frustrating! Because the software -- both camera and digital manipulation -- and touch screen are lovely to use. It seems such a shame not to go directly to the iPad, instead of working through an intermediate stage.

Maybe I should just resign myself to an "inferior" lens and deal with it, like that community of photographers with toy cameras do. After all, my goal is to illustrate my writing...

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Yes, there is a reason why the super excellent lenses are humungous and heavy with glass. You simply cannot defy physics....maybe someday we'll be able to, but we can't right now.

Sensors too...someday a sensor the size of our pinkies will produce the same image quality as a full frame or medium format sensor....for now, we're stuck with what we've got.

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.... that plugs into the iPad port! Not likely.

Still, I think I would rather adjust my style to the tool. "You can't play tennis without a net," menaing there are and always should be obstacles of one sort or another. Perhaps I will have to make up for fine detail in some other way; and I bet I'd get rid of some blur with a tripod or even a monopod. The camera shake from holding a big heavy iPad must be substantial, even with software correction.

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LOL, lens with USB cable. Hmmm, trying to decide if the lens absolutely has to be in front of the sensor. I think it does...with current tech...maybe....they always put it there, I believe..

Here you go, a lens kit:

You almost need some kind of lens hood too because I see some pretty significant flaring sometimes (not the cute little orange circles of flare, more just a big washing out, kind of of flare. Sometimes you want that, sometimes it makes for a pretty low contrast image.)

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... and with good reason. Here are some reviews. Glass, metal, solid, good.

And although your link is for the iPhone, there is an iPad adapter as well.

This would improve iPad photos with a better lens kit, including telephoto, for sure. It's still not the deep depth of field and contemplative attitude and tilt and shift of a view camera, although the attitude would come with a tripod and a hood, and the tilt/shift might be done in software.

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