If you have "no place to go," come here!

Iowa, Iowa, Winter, spring, summer and fall...

EBW writes:

In 2011 the Iowa caucus song will tease the ears of hacks, and someone will test the ability of the Obama machine to repeat its success at capturing the caucus. Single Payer and the ability to articulate an economic vision grounded in Iowa, not as imagined inside the Beltway, or from Chicago, and a vigorous execution of a caucus field plan and a smart, and fully lawyered-up campaign (after all, the incumbent administration is the product of planned caucus capture in Iowa, Nevada and Texas, and many of those Obats got administration jobs and will go on the re-elect nickle in the 11/12 winter).

Single Payer is about as pervasive as an issue gets.

Not a bad plan.

Setting up a Justice Party headquarters in ground zero of Obama Nation....

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