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INTRO-Syria Loses InfoWar To Morally Unhinged US/Israel/NATO

Okay, my first selected title of this blog was a tad too long but let me repeat it here:

“Blood-Bathed Syria Loses Info War To Serial Deceit of Morally & Militarily Unhinged (But Murderous) US/Israel/NATO”

Fasten your seatbelt if there’s the remotest chance your mind and heart are open to reality re the latest amoral outrage going on in Syria. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Of WW III proportions. (I wish I were being hyperbolic.)

“We’ve seen this movie before,” one of the dozen or so HONEST journalists I have been reading in the past few days reminds.

The reality makes me want to once again reach for the vomit bucket while ruing the off the charts cynical amorality and murderousness of the governance of our country, the allied NATO nations and Israel, of the enabling of so many corporate media outlets (though we all know now only about half a dozen mega-corporations run global media) as vastly powerful and indispensable propaganda tools and of the enabling of a large majority of unaware and UNBELIEVABLY still gullible US and world citizens who seem to have learned NOTHING from getting so profoundly played already by the Iraq WMDs schtick!!! (Keep your ears open for more and more words about Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons. It really works so handily every time, now doesn’t it?)

What it comes down to is there is more and more mounting evidence (not ever cited in the mendacious echo chambers of bang the drums loudly corporate media) from alternate non-faux-progressive cyber-media, those still not lusting after access to status quo power and not sipping the corporate kool-aid, that the agenda of REGIME CHANGE in Syria is ILLEGITIMATE!!! The “regime change” mantra is hypnotically being imposed 24/7 using bullshit HUMANITARIAN posturing by these MURDEROUS US/Israel/NATO leaders (I am sorry but that word keeps cropping up) who are shameless with their “say-anything” “ends justifies the means” “might makes right” induced modus operandi. It is they who are willing to launch and encourage for very non-humanitarian ends a Syrian civil war bloodbath. Disaster capitalism one more time. Don’t think for a moment that diplomacy is ever or will ever be on the table. China and Russia watch your backs!!! These addictively ambitious bullshitting anti-humanitarians are coming after you, too. WWIII? Why not to addicts so very lost to their addiction.

Thousands of people have died and will die from these international oligarchical-willed, opportunistic war games for WORLD HEGEMONY. Syria is just the next country on the bloody clipboard. Again, war addiction is so all-consuming to the, okay, one more time, (and one more time) MURDEROUS DECIDERS of the fate of a large segment of the family of man and woman and child.

Is there no one to shout out "WAFM!!!!" (translation for anyone who might not savvy that: "WAIT A F*CKING MINUTE!!!") -- not even Kofi Annan -- about what is going on? The faux-progressive MSNBC crowd all too worked up attacking pathetic Mitt Romney to really give a rat’s you know what about us enabling genocide and factions in the Middle East who were affiliated with Al Qaeda and now supposedly our BFF – NO, NOT forever, but until their usefulness wears out for DRUM ROLL PLEASE – REGIME CHANGE -- a/k/a faux-humanitarian intervention from a bunch of war criminal nations that deserve regime change themselves.

So a serious number of our protesting Syrian rebels actually are imported thugs who killed American troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. (I will address Tony Cartulucci's disclosures on this in an upcoming blog, among other powerful revelations from others about the grotesquely horrifying shenanigans going on perpetrated by Obama et al.) Yes, we’re into Syria now, and the US, Israel and NATO (US and NATO actually doing the heavy-lifting as Philip Giraldi has pointed out) require actual recent US/NATO enemy terrorists (killers!) for the purpose of Syrian regime change. Accountability doesn’t count, anyway. Nor does reality. The devastating ends justify any CRAVEN AND WAR CRIMINAL means! Important for the guilty to lie, lie, lie to their citizens one more time.

PROPAGANDA, PROPAGANDA, PROPAGANDA. Style not substance. VILE STYLE not remote respect for substance. Obama is assuredly looking forward not backwards to his new world order of domination and exploitation. No moral compass there. Nor with his brothers and sisters in crime, especially one Hillary Rodham Clinton doing her world tour for their craven World War III bullying blackmail or possible play-out (not that WW III hasn't already started for anyone paying attention). Mrs. Clinton, btw, with all the faux-righteousness of the best academy award winning actress offered. (Sigourney, take notes!)

I am organizing so much heartbreaking contradictory material to the faux-reality being served up so cravenly and cavalierly by the corporate media and the bullshitting governmental operatives re Syria taking us down that same Iraq War garden path. I felt compelled to launch MY blowback tonight for this incredible EVIL bullshit being fed to Americans struggling with their own hard reality that these shameless war addicts simply don’t have time, empathy or OUR very own taxpayer money to help with.


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Submitted by libbyliberal on

Bill Van Auken:

"The use of suicide bombings, including previous attacks such as the May 10 twin suicide car bombings that killed 55 people outside a Damascus military intelligence building, point to the growing role of Al Qaeda-connected militants who have flocked to Syria from elsewhere in the Middle East.

"The terrorist attack on the heart of the Assad regime occurred as fighting raged on for a fourth day in the Syrian capital. Since Sunday, Damascus, which had previously been spared the armed conflict engulfing other parts of the country, has seen sustained exchanges of gunfire involving the use of tanks, artillery and rocket-propelled grenades.

"The International Committee of the Red Cross on Sunday declared the Syrian conflict a civil war. “We are talking about a non-international armed conflict in the country,” the ICRC office in Geneva declared.

"The chief of the UN's humanitarian affairs office followed up the Red Cross declaration with a statement Monday warning both the government and the “rebels” that “directing attacks against civilians constitutes a war crime.” Valerie Amo, the UN undersecretary for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief, stated: “The escalating conflict in Syria is having a devastating physical and psychological impact on hundreds of thousands of people. As the International Committee of the Red Cross has now described the situation as an armed conflict, international humanitarian law applies across Syria in areas where there is fighting.”

"The statements underscore the propaganda character of the reports in the mainstream media, echoed by pseudo-left elements internationally, portraying the Syrian conflict as a one-sided massacre perpetrated by the regime against its own people. In reality, a coordinated campaign by Washington, its European allies and the US-backed monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states has fueled a sharp rise in violence by sectarian-based militias, which have been armed, financed, trained and “advised” by these outside powers.

"According to, a web site with close ties to Israeli intelligence, the widening scope of military operations by the so-called “rebels” has been possible because “Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have substantially stepped up the flow of munitions to the rebels.” added, “They are reaching combatants inside Syria as well as the trainees at Turkish military facilities.”
Similar training is also taking place in Jordan.

"The Free Syrian Army has been “equipped with hi-tech communications connecting the provinces and linked to the FSA’s high command in Turkey,” debka reported. It noted further: “A foreign 'military adviser' is posted at each provincial command center. They are usually special forces experts mainly from the British, French, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari armies.”

"In a display of brazenness and hypocrisy, the major imperialist powers have invoked the violence that they have promoted as a pretext for even more direct foreign intervention in Syria. British Foreign Secretary William Hague Wednesday issued a formal condemnation of the suicide bombing in Damascus, only to insist that the attack “confirms the urgent need for a Chapter Seven resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria.”

"US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told a Pentagon press conference that the bombing showed the situation was “spinning out of control” and underscored the need for the “international community” to “bring maximum pressure” to force Assad’s ouster.
In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel chimed in, declaring that the bombing “shows us that it is high time to ratify the next UN resolution.”

"Such a Western-backed resolution was to be brought before the Security Council Wednesday afternoon, before the UN's special envoy and former secretary general Kofi Annan asked for a postponement of the vote until Thursday. The council has until Friday to authorize the extension of the UN observer mission in Syria put in place as part of Annan's peace plan.

"Annan is attempting to broker a compromise between the Western powers, on the one hand, and Russia and China, on the other.
Russia, which has been historically allied with Syria, has put forward its own proposal for a 90-day extension of the observer mission, but has vowed to veto the resolution sponsored by the US, Britain, France and Germany invoking Chapter Seven.

"Chapter Seven of the UN Charter authorizes the 15-member Security Council to take actions ranging from economic sanctions to military intervention. The same section was invoked as the basis for a UN resolution on Libya that then was used as the justification for the US-NATO war to overthrow the Gaddafi regime. Russia and China allowed the passage of the Libyan resolution by failing to utilize their veto power, only to see their own interests in Libya sacrificed in the war that followed."

Submitted by Randall Kohn on

based on your link. Van Auken's only mention of Israel was this one:

According to, a web site with close ties to Israeli intelligence, the widening scope of military operations by the so-called “rebels” has been possible because “Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have substantially stepped up the flow of munitions to the rebels.” added, “They are reaching combatants inside Syria as well as the trainees at Turkish military facilities.”

Submitted by libbyliberal on


No argument, Turkey could have been added easily. This is only an intro to this article. Israel is riling up so many now about the chemical weapons specter. Right out of Iraq War playbook.

Here is a comment I made above in boat people blog re this syrian mess.

"It is like shouting into the wind. Shouting into a storm or even a hurricane or tornado, since the mainstream media is echoing so loudly the propaganda of our corporate overlords.

Or it is like that kid who said the emperor has no clothes. Only most people aren't apparently ready to let themselves see he has no clothes. Bush they acknowledged had no clothes finally. With Obama, it is so hard for them, tragically.

I am not defending the leadership of Assad in Syria, or the prior leadership of Gaddafi in Libya. I am defending international law. The ethics and rules of that!

The spirit and actual movement of the Arab spring has been co-opted by bullying imperialist US, Israel, NATO nations, dictatorial Middle East ones to stoke destabilization in a country like Syria or Libya to civil wars that are triggered by external forces and money and weaponry.

These interfering for imperialist purposes countries like ours use the language of the Arab Spring. Call foreign paid operatives with agendas different from the citizens, some even just mercenary, to terrorize the country and destroy the infrastructure and the established defense of the country -- they call them "rebels" and "protesters" even "freedom fighters" when they are not. They have co-opted the real rebels and protesters and freedom fighters and turned the quest for citizen rights into a murderous mess, a lose/lose for ALL the citizens of a country and the established leadership. Breaking the country itself and the people, killing so many. 10,000 at least now dead since the faux-"humanitarian intervention" and all the covert enabling with weapons and money of "terrorists" who the US and West now call "freedom fighters." These are some of the same terrorists -- some full out Al Qaeda -- who killed our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq but to war-lusting imperialists the ends justifies the means.

The natural dissent in the country is set back since the citizens, the civilians, are TERRORIZED, and it makes them depend all the more on their own leader, Assad. Which leaves the citizens at the mercy of both radicalized and killing factions. The military fighting for survival vs the radical thugs for outside interests (including CIA operatives as well as jihadist terrorists). To have the Western media pretend that this is not the case in many instances and to over-simplify it all and spin it to justify imperial aggression is EVIL.

To pretend that the thugs are not committing any crimes, but that it is a one-sided slaughter (even though there are slaughters and atrocities on both sides) is LYING. To beef up the death toll reports is bad enough about the government forces and to pretend that the other side is rarely armed when it is, but then for the anti-government thugs to go on the media and insist the other side perpetrated what they themselves have done is so evil. And to have the media knowingly or stupidly pass along those vile lies is so evil.

And the ethnic cleansing happening. To have the outside countries stoke those rivalries among the groups in a country. The Alawites and the Christians and the Shia in the minority and the Sunnis wanting power, and Sunnis from other nations encouraged and paid and naturally pouring in to fight and destroy what was a secular government.

What are we and the other Western nations doing destroying a secular government in the Middle East? Do we want to establish all the more repressive and fundamentalist ones? No real commitment by the outsiders for real democracy. No serious caring about ethnic cleansing? On the contrary, enabling it!!!

As for the boat people who died in that boat. They are REAL and they give us a non-myopic look at the REAL horror that is happening to thousands and thousands of people, all these lives treated so cheaply by the war mongering rogue nations who are like playground bullies only there is such exponential suffering going on. Collateral damage (in the millions) over the years in these mid-East wars that apparently are going to continue like a game of dominos since our rogue country and so many others who posture as examples of modern "civilization" are so not civilized.

And then there is the cost in death, physical and psychological maiming, suicide to our own young troops who trust they are not being betrayed by a government that is betraying them. Betraying humankind. But with addictions, morality goes out the window and stays there.

As the media of the US and the West paints a good guys vs. bad guys picture. Yes, there are atrocities ON BOTH SIDES. But the amount of disinformation that has been presented, the lies about how actual violent jihadists (again, some Al Qaeda) have been enabled by the US and NATO countries to go in and terrorize for the ends justifies the means of Western imperialism. Weaken a country, displace or kill thousands of citizens by proxy, then swoop in to do your lying "humanitarian intervention."

They've got Amnesty International singing to their disinformation tune, the overlords now, but not the International Red Cross and some entities like monasteries and foreign reporters are trying to tell the truth about what is happening there seriously amidst the blanket of bullshit that the mainstream media is laying on all of us.

Shock and awe works. It is being used to destroy people and countries. Disaster capitalism.

The hypocrisy of our government. The lies of this status quo matrix is horrifying. After Afghanistan and Iraq and all that devastation, and now they are using the same WMDs drumbeat to justify even more "official" faux-humanitarian intervention so that the banksters and the international conglomerates can continue to take power and resources. And the lower 99% of the population, our lives are so cheap and expendable.

How many times do they get to use the same lying playbook to destroy whole countries and the planet and the global economy?

All I ask right now is for my fellow 99%ers to stop being played. To not be fooled once again by the cravenness of our war-addicted government."

best, libby

Submitted by lambert on

So far as I can tell, the mis- and disinformation is terrible. Please, if you can, pay particular attention to the media critique and explain how you made your sourcing decisions on this. Most posters I've seen on this are all over the map, and I even question Bernard, which shows how thick the fog is.

* * *

Meanwhile, since the opposition militarized I don't have a "side." Meet the new boss.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

The more I research what is going on in Syria the more appalled I am. Western media hysterically blames the Assad regime military, granted no angels, and come to find out, it is often really the terrorist rebels (including Al Qaeda jihadists) being staked by the US and those dictatorships like SA or Qatar who are our buddies, along with the CIA and their old assets WHO ARE THE PERPETRATORS. But Western corporate media are pure stenographers for propaganda. They aren't air brushing reality, they are Owellianizing it, black is white, and up is down!

So they LIE LIE LIE. Children getting their throats cut makes a good story on CNN except except except ... OUR bastards did it. But good for propaganda purposes if they call out the other side shamelessly or stupidly. The BBC even put up a picture of children corpses that turned out not to be victims of Syrian army but from Iraq in 2003. Oooopsie! BBC helps its Brit government sponsor with propaganda. Well, hell, so does the NYT and CNN over here. Along with everyone else, MSNBC, etc.

Disaster capitalism is when you hope a citizenry kills each other off and becomes so weak the bully countries step in to take over the resources and power.

Wesley Clark revealed a long time ago Syria was one of the 7 countries on the Bush administrations hit list. Obama never changed the clipboard, sadly and treacherously. He is so much the American Judas and Hillary is out there playing Lady MacBeth!

Churchill said Americans always do the right thing but only after they have exhausted ALL other alternatives! I have lost faith even in that at this point!

Yes, vote for Jill Stein for regime change from our corporate oligarch captured legacy political parties!

best, libby